Most Flash episodes feature Barry Allen making mistakes, both big and small, throughout the story. Sometimes, however, Barry’s screw-ups are rivaled by those of his colleagues. “Elongated Journey into Night” had plenty of errors made by Cisco Ramon as well, but was he worse than Barry?

Cisco’s Mistakes

Cisco is something of a fumbling nerd at the best of times, but meeting his girlfriend’s father brings Vibe’s awkwardness to the forefront. Whether it is lying to Breacher about his position relative to his teammates or bringing the scary man coffee (a mortal offense, apparently), Cisco stumbles through the whole episode.

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The mistakes even begin before Breacher showed up to threaten lives: Cisco starts the episode by trying to demand Gypsy’s real name, something she clearly does not want to share. Later, he starts giggling when her name is revealed to be Cynthia. Even more giggling at Breacher’s real name (Josh!) fortunately does not lead to Cisco’s demise.

Balancing out these mistakes, Cisco does manage to avoid death during Breacher’s 24-hour hunt. Even in this, though, Cisco makes errors, like taunting Breacher while the bounty hunter is in a failed trap. That is not the behavior we would expect of a guy who refers to himself as “the Schwarzenegger.”

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Barry’s Mistakes

Unlike Cisco, Barry does make it through “Elongated Journey into Night” without any major personal mishaps. He does accidentally freak out Joe a few times with baby comments, but otherwise, Barry’s screw-ups are mostly with the metahuman of the week.

It does not help that this metahuman, Ralph Dibny, is a guy long-hated by Barry: Our hero once got Dibny fired from the police for planting evidence. Barry may have been right about this bad behavior, but Dibny also has a point when he says that Barry ruined his life. Since it was Barry’s exit from the Speed Force that later turned Dibny into human Silly Putty, the grudge is pretty legitimate.

Barry does better by Dibny during the episode’s investigation. In fact, the Flash’s only real error here is when he fails to realize that Central City’s crooked mayor is the true villain of the episode. After Barry does figure this out, he — along with Cisco and Dibny — rapidly save the day.

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Who, Cisco or Barry, is the biggest screw-up in “Elongated Journey into Night”? What was the biggest mistake of the episode? Comment below to give your opinion and like our The Flash Facebook page for more news. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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