I’m always amazed when reality show contestants try to cash in on their so-called fame by attempting a career in the entertainment business.  There have been minor successes in this realm, I suppose, but it’s a long shot.  Jacinda Barrett was a former cast member on The Real World, and has become a successful actress.  But, when it comes to Big Brother, are there really any success stories?  Will Kirby has appeared on Dr. 90210, but that’s because he continued with job he already had.  Mike Malin is a restaurant owner, but that’s not really the entertainment business.  Janelle Pierzina has modeled for Playboy.  I know a couple of ex-Big Brother contestants have retained jobs as local newspeople.  However, there really hasn’t been a runaway Hollywood success among Big Brother alumni.  This week, we’re going to take a look at what the house guests from the most recent season of Big Brother have been up to since the season ended. 

Jacob:  According to an interview from last month, Jacob was attempting to repair his relationship with Sharon.  It looks like he may have won her back.  After some snooping on Jacob’s MySpace page, I find that he’s listed as “In a Relationship.”  I tracked down a recent video chat the two did together for JokersUpdates, and it sure looks like the two are back together. 

Neil:  Neil’s surprise departure from the Big Brother house was family-related, though it had nothing to do with his own health (as per Neil’s MySpace page).  It appears he’s back home in LA, being a realtor.  He’s listed as “In a Relationship.” 

Parker: Parker, as we know, was an employee of TMZ.  Thanks to his MySpace blog, we know that Parker was not offered a new contract to work at TMZ.  He was effectively let go.  He’s currently looking for a new job. 

Jen:  After Big Brother 9 ended, Ryan and Jen went on a Caribbean cruise.  They’ve since moved into together, and plan on moving to Florida after Ryan finishes school next Winter. 

Amanda: Apparently, Amanda had a boyfriend who cheated on her during the show.  Sucks.  Amanda seems to be testing the waters in the world of modeling.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: RealityBBQ, MySpace, JokersUpdates, YouTube
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Oscar Dahl

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