Isn’t Dan a Catholic school teacher?  Boy, he had everybody fooled early in the game.  Everyone assumed that because he had a strong religious upbringing and has worked with children, that he would be a stand up, trustworthy player.  Boy, were they wrong!  This is Big Brother, people, and nobody gets ahead in this game by being an honest person.  You have to lie and manipulate, just like Survivor.  There’s almost no way of getting around it.  During my live coverage of the show tonight, I said that Dan is the greatest Big Brother player since Dr. Will and some fans say – he’s even better!  Here’s a look at tonight’s recap and the moves Dan made to win himself this game.


Dan and Michelle Reunited

I was a little nervous to see what would happen when Dan and Michelle came face to face for the first time since she was backdoored.  After all, this is the person who said she wished nothing but physical harm for him.  She softened right up though on that private beach with the catered lunch.  He said he was sorry and she basically bought it.  She even said that she thought she could sway the jury house in his favor.  I bet no one in the history of Big Brother was ever as lucky as Dan, in winning this luxury challenge.  The luxury is going to be the $500,000 he walks away with if this meeting pays off for him.

Dan and Memphis Unload Keesha

You had to at least feel a little bit bad for Keesha in the way that she went out of the game tonight.  She really did fight for Dan and Memphis all season and stayed true to them from the time they formed a four person alliance with Renny.  She helped them get this far, just to go out 4th instead of getting a fighting chance at the final HOH.  You can’t blame The Renegades, though.  Keesha is 100 times the physical player that Jerry is and anybody who knows this game knows that the final HOH is always 3 parts.  These two stand a way better chance against Jerry, which is just too bad for Keesha.

Dan and Memphis To Go Final 2

I would be absolutely shocked if The Renegades couldn’t pull off going final 2.  Usually, in the 3 part HOH competition, the first 2 rounds are physical.  Dan has already taken the first round and Memphis should easily be able to clinch the second.  From there, it won’t matter who wins.  They’ll evict Jerry, stay true to each other and no matter what, they both leave this house with prize money.  Renegades all the way!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV