Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premieres its second season tonight on FOX.  We left off Terminator with a massacre at the hands of evil robot Cromartie, some nice male bonding between John Connor and Derek Reese, and good robot Cameron getting blown up on her way to buy a birthday cake.  Season two will continue on with the saga of the Connor clan in one of the more underrated series on television.  Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles debuted to merely OK ratings last season, though that was during the writers’ strike, so the numbers were ultimately a little disappointing.  But, FOX is looking for that to change with the new season.  Last month, we got a chance to sit down with Thomas Dekker and Summer Glau, two of Terminator’s stars, and discuss the second season.  You can find the full video of the interview below.

What struck me both during the interview and watching the video after the fact is the genuine affection these Terminator cast members have for each other.  There’s nothing superficial about the interaction here between Thomas and Summer.  They have a legitimate respect and love for one another, and it comes though both in the interview and on the screen. 

What Summer and Thomas talked about in this interview that intrigues me the most is the evolution of both their characters and their relationship.  John Connor began the series as sort of an angsty teen, not yet ready to embrace his fate as the leader of mankind’s fight for survival.  Season 2 will see John’s evolution from a somewhat frightened teen to a future leader of men.  Cameron, on the other hand, will be altered after the explosion, full of glitches.  For the Terminator writers, that must have been some fun stuff to write.  Cameron’s character is as interesting a terminator character the franchise has ever seen, movies included. 

-Interview Conducted by Oscar Dahl


Oscar Dahl

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