Big Brother doesn’t need to have nominations in the final four.  Really, they don’t, and it’s pretty remarkable that CBS continues to insist on holding them.  No matter who Dan chose to nominate tonight as the Head of Household, the Power of Veto competition was the only thing that matters because it will give the winner the choice of who to evict.  OK, well, that’s not exactly true.  If Dan as HoH wins the Power of Veto, he can decide who is on the block, but not how the one safe non-HOH votes.  So, in a way, the Big Brother final four nominations are a tiny bit important, but still not enough to revolve a whole episode around.  Tonight’s Big Brother featured a bizarre luxury competition that will likely swing some jury votes one way or another. 

Backyard Madness

The luxury competition that was teased at the end of Thursday’s episode took up much of tonight’s action.  The sumo guy held a note under his butt that informed the houseguests that they would be playing for a trip out of the house.  The next day, a person dressed up in a gorilla suit (who turned out to be Jessie from Big Brother 10) woke the houseguests up  They were led outside to the backyard where a bunch of random crap was situated, including: A female contortionist wearing a blue leotard, a bathtub full of dirt, a big diamond, an ostrich wearing glasses, boxing gloves, a giant hot dog, a wolf-like creature, a space ship, a living Caesar statue, a waterfall, and a cracking egg with IT written on it. 

The players are told the rules – they have three hours and three guesses to figure out what the hidden phrase involving all the objects is.  The catch – most of the objects have nothing to do with the phrase, and they get slowly covered up over the course of the three hours.  Keesha and Jerry use their guesses too early.  Dan waits until only two objects are left – a blueberry and the hatching egg with “IT” written on it.  He guesses that “bury the hatchet” is the hidden phrase, and he is correct.  In the diary room, he is told that he can either take someone in the house, or one of the jury members to the private beach with him.  Dan decides to take Michelle from the jury house to try and win her over.  He opts, however, to lie and tell the current houseguests that he decided to go alone.  He doesn’t even tell them that he was allowed to take a jury member. 

Dan’s Nominations

Dan’s decision didn’t really matter tonight, and he knew that.  With only four houseguests left in the game, the only challenge that matters is the Power of Veto, because they control the one vote inside the house.  Recognizing this, Dan used the nominations to get on Keesha’s good side.  He nominated Jerry and Memphis.  In Keesha’s mind, it was a nice gesture, but in reality it was a hollow one.  Another good move from Dan.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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