Last week on The Fashion Show, on of my favorite designers Angel was sent home due to her lackluster design. Remember that cute double white shirt dress? I’m still sad.

This week, Johnny R. remembers the horrible fight he had with Reco. Merlin gets a call from Kelly Rowland telling him to grab the contestants and meet her downtown for the Harper’s Bazaar Mini Challenge. Laura Brown and Kelly Rowland announce that they’ll be working in pairs. The pairs will be randomly selected by spools of thread. Lidia and James-Paul, Merlin and Johnny R., Anna and Haven, and Daniella and Reco are the teams. Reco tries to hug Daniella and he totally shoves him off. The challenge is to change the Harper’s Bazaar interns from party wear to business wear. Becky Newton, from Ugly Betty, comes in to be the guest judge. Time begins and Reco and Daniella struggle. Becky Newton loves everything. Daniella hates Reco’s ideas but Becky loved it. Johnny R. and Merlin win!

For the Elimination Challenge, the contestants will be working for Isaac Mizrahi. Well that explains where he’s been for the past 10 minutes of the episode. Isaac unveils his mood board. The designers act impressed but really it’s just boring and a little messy. Anna feels the pressure. I don’t. Then, Kelly Rowland announces that they’ll be working in their pairs for the challenge. Also, they only have 8 hours to complete their outfits. Johnny R. and Merlin get a five-minute consultation with Isaac in his showroom. Daniella is jealous. That’s a new emotion.

At the fabric store, Daniella and Reco argue whether or not to do a dress or a pant suit outfit. Merlin and Johnny R. have some arguments but Merlin decides to support Johnny’s idea and do it as best as he can. Anna and Haven agree on everything. Lidia and James-Paul have different opinions but Lidia know James-Paul is more talented than her and so she goes with his idea.

Daniella and Reco just argue argue argue. Johnny R. tells Haven that he’d get with Isaac but it’d be “like kissing your grandmother.” Meanwhile, Haven and Anna are working so well together it’s going to hurt when they fail. The contestants tell their models that they’re designing for Isaac Mizrahi and try to act like it’s an awesome privilege. Really, they are wondering why this show doesn’t have cooler guests.

Crunch time and Merlin’s wearing their skirt. Daniella then admits she might be making a bad choice by not following Reco’s advice but then says, “I’d rather be safe than tacky.” Daniella’s coat looks like Merlin’s coat from way back when. Isaac and Kelly hate that Johnny R. used felt for the jacket. They have absolutely nothing to say about Lidia and James-Paul’s outfit.

Fashion Show time and everyone but Haven and Anna are nervous. Daniella and Reco’s outfit is scary. Lidia and James-Paul outfit doesn’t work at all. Haven and Anna’s outfit rocks. Merlin and Johnny’s outfit looks great until I see the lime green belt. Kelly Rowland tries to make a comment. No one listens.

Veronica Webb is the guest judge this week. Everyone in the room talks about how awesome Isaac Mizrahi is. Johnny R and Merlin and Haven and Anna have the top two outfits. Duh. Anna and Haven tell the judges that they worked together. Merlin admits that Johnny R. was the head designer. Veronica Webb admits that she’d be proud to walk down the runway in their outfit. Haven and Anna win!

Someone called James-Paul and Lidia’s design a “cheap mermaid costume.” Merlin admits he did the coat and Lidia did the dress. Veronica Webb hates the dress. Isaac hates the color combination of Reco and Daniella’s design. Daniella starts in right away on Reco and he instantly steps up and says he tried to argue with her. After a stupid argument, Daniella admits she’s more responsible for the outfit. While the judges go to deliberate, Daniella and Reco have an argument. Reco points out that she shouldn’t be working for herself, she should be working for Isaac this week.

Fern Mallis points out that James-Paul and Lidia’s outfit was lost in translation. Isaac Mizrahi says he hated the pants on Daniella and Reco’s outfits. Someone’s going home. I’m worried. James-Paul is safe. Reco is safe. Reco is still not happy. You can tell he’s just so mad at Daniella. If she stays, he’ll be pissed. Lidia doesn’t know how to fit women. Daniella failed. Kelly Rowland announces that Daniella is safe and Isaac Mizrahi announces that Lidia will be going home.

Next week on The Fashion Show, the contestants must pay tribute to the fashion greats. Then, Merlin decides to start a girls vs. boys fight.

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