Previously on A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila: Chad got angry at Bo and threw his head into Bo’s face as hard as he could. Tonight brings the exciting conclusion to this fascinating ordeal.

We pick up back at the start of the epic Chad-Bo fight. Not only does Chad throw a headbutt, but then he pulls out his fist and nails Bo right in the jaw. The producers immediately step in to separate Chad from the bloodied Bo. Chad is happy, but everyone else realizes he just bought a one-way ticket home, and he’s immediately escorted out.

Bo is cleaning himself up, and though his face doesn’t appear that bad, he spits out about 10 gallons of blood. The EMTs are called in because Bo’s mouth is seriously messed up. Bo gets into the ambulance, and to his credit, he doesn’t seem fazed by any of this.

The next morning Tila Tequila comes downstairs and the contestants fill her in, because somehow she wasn’t informed about the fight. She’s a heavy sleeper not to hear those ambulance sirens. Tila cries and calls up Bo. His bone snapped and his teeth are broken, which does not sound good. There are stitches, surgery, more stitches and wiring. His fate on A Shot at Love is TBD.

To get everyone’s minds off the drama, Tila takes everyone out for dinner. Tila sends everyone ahead of her while she makes a quick stop to pick up George, who is now back in the competition. She better choose him in the end, or this is just extremely cruel of her. They arrive at the restaurant, and everyone is happy to see George.

Goerge says he doesn’t just want to be there because Chad’s gone, which he totally is, but someone invokes karma, which makes it all better. Jay is silent because he’s sad his friend Chad is gone. He sits down with Tila and talks about how unfair it is that George gets a second chance when no one else will. Sirbrina is a bit of a wallflower in group situations. Lisa asks Tila directly why she eliminated George. Tila blows off the very real question and Lisa mutters about how fake Tila is. I love Lisa.

Back at the mansion, Tila goes to sleep and everyone else parties all night, celebrating George’s return. Scotty and George (the new homoerotic duo of the season) ride the pole, but Samantha assures us her skills are better. Hilariously, their merriment is intercut with shots of Bo lying on a hospital bed with the steady beep from the heart monitor.

The next morning, Bo, with a huge bandage on his chin, re-enters the mansion. He had the choice of wiring his mouth shut for six weeks or put a plate in his mouth. He chose the plate. Jay reflects on how awful he’s been to Bo, and he decides to apologize. The Ohio-Jersey feud is over! For now. Tila is excited to see that Bo is back, because apparently she’s the last person to know about what happens in the house. Bo bought her a stuffed bear that says, “I love you.”

We finally get a Message in a Bottle that leads to a bubble bath go-kart race. The go-karts are bathtubs and one team member must drive it, blindfolded, while dragging another person behind them on roller skates. This could kill Bo, so he’s not allowed to compete. This makes the teams uneven, so one person has to sit out, and George takes the bullet. Tila is immediately disappointed that he’s willing to throw away his second chance. He reconsiders and they do a random draw to determine that Sirbrina sits out.

There are two laps, and the teams are Jay/Samantha, Lisa/Brittany, Kristy/Michelle and George/Scotty. Brittany is scared, because Lisa always wins and her partners always get eliminated afterwards. To continue the streak, Lisa and Brittany win and get a date in a bathtub. Tila is glad Lisa won so she can confront her. It’s kind of sad how much Tila clearly doesn’t like Lisa simply because Lisa recognizes who Tila really is – an opportunistic fame whore who needs to be loved no matter what.

On the date, Tila talks about how she spoils her partners and Brittany has never said or been told “I love you.” Then Tila confronts Lisa about the “fake” comment. Lisa gives a half-apology, and Tila starts crying like a little baby. Confirming my love for her, Lisa is pissed off at Tila’s totally fake drama so she leaves and packs her things. Tila runs after her wanting to talk, crying the whole time.

Lisa gets frustrated and angry, but then kisses Tila. It’s like something you see in the movies, and it only works in the movies, because it just comes across as awkward and….fake. Lisa is trying to act like this crazy, passionate woman with love/hate tendencies, which actually plays into Tila’s love for fake cries for attention.

A Shot at Love 2 Elimination Time! Lisa is called first and she makes out with Tila before getting her key. I hope Lisa is playing Tila for the fake fool she is. Bo gets a key because he “literally took a shot at love.” First, that’s the wrong usage of that word, and second, it was Chad who took the shot. Sirbrina and Michelle are sent home for no apparent reason.

Next week on A Shot at Love 2: The contestants wrestle in what appears to be pudding while wearing singlets and everyone is asked whether Bo should stay or go.


-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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