Adam may be smarter than he looks.  Or acts.  Upon winning the Head of Household competition last Wednesday, Adam immediately expressed his dissatisfaction with doing so.  He wanted nothing to do with all the expectations that being Head of Household brings.  Truthfully, he’s on to something.  Will Kirby, the greatest Big Brother player of all time, was openly against ever winning HoH.  It turns you into a target and it automatically creates enemies – no matter what, someone you nominate will be in the game the following week.  Tonight, Adam made his nominations and Big Brother kindly aired a ten-minute, in-episode commercial for a new Hollywood movie. 

Natalie, Natalie, Natalie

As per the omnipresent Big Brother promos of the last week, we focused on Natalie quite a bit tonight.  Her separation from Matt was hard on her and despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Natalie believes that Matt is her soul mate and that the feeling is mutual.  She cries often during the episode, though she appears to break out of her shell a little bit, thanks to the fact that Adam is the new Head of Household.  Natalie is happy and active in her alliance with Ryan, Adam and Sheila.  Later in the episode, Natalie gets obsessed with the octets of the Big Brother house.  She keeps finding sets of 8.  And yes, it is as dumb as it sounds. 

The Reluctant HoH

Adam won the latest Head of Household and he’s not very happy about it.  Almost immediately after he won, Adam made it abundantly clear that he didn’t want such responsibility.  He didn’t want everyone talking to him about nominations, he doesn’t want to make enemies or have a target on his back.  He and Josh have a little fun with it, by jointly making Sheila think that she might get nominated.  Adam has no intention of putting his former partner up, but it’s fun to watch her flip out.  Weirdly, Adam’s HoH room features a bunch of baby food, sent by his mother.  We are meant to believe he still eats baby food.  I don’t know how to feel about this. 

21 – Coming Soon to a Theater Near You 

In a blatant act of cross-promotion, Big Brother hosts a luxury competition.  Winners get to see the new blackjack card counting movie 21.  Ryan won the competition, but also got the chance to “double-down” and win an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas.  He did, and lost.  Sheila, Chelsia, Sharon and Josh get to see the movie. 

Adam Does What HoH’s Do 

Adam, after flirting with nominating Sheila (why, I have no idea), decides to put up James and Chelsia. 

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