Evel Dick made his triumphant return to the Big Brother house and presided over a very important Power of Veto victory for James. James took himself off the block and watched as Adam replaced James with Sharon.  So, tonight we’re going to have Sharon vs. Chelsia.  Who will go home?  If you’ve paying attention to the live feeds, then you know that the vote has been a foregone conclusion for quite some time.  But, if you haven’t, then tonight should be riveting.  After the live eviction, an incredibly important Head of Household competition will follow that could very much set the course for the remainder of the Big Brother season.  I’ll be here throughout the episode giving live updates as the action rolls along.

Keep investigating those numbers, Natalie.  I love that she has no theories for their meaning. 

We begin the episode with Julie Chen praising the emergence of Natalie in the game.  Then, she gives a recap of the episode recap that we just watched. 

Julie Chen is unwatchable sometimes. 

Chelsia is pissed at Natalie.  Sour grapes.  Joshuah is pumped that he manipulated Sharon and got her to go on the block for him.  Sharon takes her nomination in stride, and assures Adam that he did the right thing. 

Chelsia and James – still going strong.  Chelsia cries.  She just came in to play a game, but ended uup falling for someone.  I want to see her reaction to the James/gay porn news.  Can you get this on tape, CBS?  Did I mention that Chelsia hates Natalie – we get a montage showing how dumb Nat is.  Not as bad as Amber last year, but still bad.  Everything she does, it pisses off Chelsia. 

Dramatic music, and then…Chelsia throws an Easter egg.  Not sure what her point was.  Chelsia then goes crazy – she destroys all of the Easter eggs, starts yelling like an insane person, talks smack about Natalie and embarrasses herself.  James is upset that Chelsia has ruined his game.

Julie Chen asks about Adam’s baby food for way too long.  Stupid.  Sheila says that Evel Dick is her kind of guy.  Natalie says she misses Matt, but she can play the game better without him.

Next, we get a look at Adam’s family back home on the east coast.  He’s a nice guy.  His family loves him.  He had terrible curly hair in high school.  He’s always been very charitable.  He’s also sneaky smart.  And talks fast.

Julie talks to Adam, alone, in the HoH room.  He says that he was never going to put Sheila up – he was just getting a rise out of her.  They’re solid.  He’s worried about James winning HoH tonight.  Live vote coming up after the commercial.

By a unanimous vote of 5-0, Chelsia has been evicted.

When Chelsia leaves, she calls out almost everyone and shows no class.  Then she makes out with James.  What a sore loser.

Time for the Head of Household competition.  It’s an election themed challenge, “Big Brother Election.”  Online over the past week, fans have answered questions based on the idea that each house guest is on the ballot.  Julie asks questions – you get it right, you move up the ballot.  First person to reach the end wins HoH.  And, they where blinding goggles while playing so they can’t see each others answers. 

I think Natalie just cheated on an answer…she’s in the lead now. 

And Natalie is the new Head of Household…but if she hadn’t cheated, she would have been tied with Joshuah.  Umm, can we review the tape. 

That’s all for tonight.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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