Big Brother requires a very special type of person.  Of all the network reality shows out there, Big Brother is probably the one I would feel least comfortable appearing on (besides The Moment of Truth, though I’m not an evil enough of a person to be interesting on that show – “Oscar, have you ever stolen a candy bar from a gas station?”).  There’s no way I could ever go on Big Brother.  In some ways, the Big Brother contestants are admirable – the willingness they have to just put themselves out there, knowing that they will be judged and examined so carefully and ruthlessly, is crazy.  It also takes a big ego.  One thing that has become as clear as day is that the more time these people spend inside the house, the crazier they become.  It’s cabin fever to the highest degree.  I suppose all of this is an attempt to rationalize Chelsia’s behavior on Big Brother tonight.

Chelsia Loses It

After the Power of Veto ceremony, it soon became clear to everyone, including Chelsia, that Chelsia would be evicted.  This, combined with her hatred of Natalie, set Chelsia off and she began acting lie a crazy person.  She yelled at everyone, destroyed Natalie’s Easter eggs and basically made an ass of herself.  James was embarrassed for her, and a little angry that she was hurting his game play going forward.  

Big Ballin’

Adam was prominently featured tonight.  We saw interviews with his family, and extensive footage of Adam being Adam inside the house.  He’s a cool, dynamic guy.  He talks fast, he’s very generous and charitable, and he’s very goofy.  His family contends that Adam is really smart.  I’m not sure if I totally agree, but he’s definitely no idiot.  I like Adam, and so does everyone else.  

The Inevitable

By a vote of 5-0, Chelsia is evicted from the house.  As she exits, she gets on her high horse and calls out a bunch of house guests and makes a fool of herself yet again.  She was the definition of a sore loser.  

Natalie Wins HoH?

The Head of Household competition was called “Big Brother Election.”  Over the past week, fans voted on questions on line about the house guests (for example, “Who would you rather follow into a battle – Sheila or Ryan?”).  The house guests were blindfolded and asked the either/or questions.  Whoever had the most questions correct wins.  However, they determined the amount of questions correct by each player taking a step forward on a big board after every correct answer.  Natalie ended up “winning” by one question, but I swear she cheated on one of the early questions and stepped forward after a wrong answer.

For now, Natalie is the HoH.  But, I suspect that they’ll review the tape and redo the competition at some point.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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