Big Brother 9 is finally interesting.  While the partnering experiment was fun for a little while, it took a lot of the strategy and fun out of the Big Brother game.  With the couples, every individual player was limited in how hard they could strategize and play the game.  Also, people like Parker and Alex were unfairly hurt by the relative ineptitude of their partners.  Tonight, the first episode that showed the houseguests playing as individuals, was a breath of fresh air.  The partnerships did not linger.  Pretty much everyone branched out and either chose or were forced to find new alliances.

Big Brother 9: Week 5 Nominations Recap

It’s a Brand New Game

Matt could not be happier to get rid of Natalie.  He immediately claimed a bed for himself and made it clear to the other men in the house, especially Ryan, that he was done working with Natalie.  She, of course, found this hard to take.  She is under the impression that Matt really does like her a lot, and he’s just acting like a middle schooler or something.  She’s wrong, and Matt is finished with her.  Sheila and Adam part ways rather quickly, but the most interesting pair is now James and Chelsia.  James admits to really liking Chelsia but is smart enough to know that he may have to break away from her to further himself in the game.

Chocolaty Goodness

The food competition was rather silly, involving two teams of four (Matt/Natalie/Adam/James versus Joshuah/Sharon/Chelsia/Sheila).  Each team member took turns sliding into a vat of chocolate.  In the chocolate were letters of the alphabet.  Players had to spell out any kind of food or beverage that they pleased with and then write that word on a chalkboard.  At the end of the time period, the team with the most correctly spelled words wins the foods they spelled out.  The losers go on slop for the week.  Matt’s team won 12-11. 

Bros Before Hos

The precedent has been set.  Ryan, Matt, James, and Adam aligned and discussed who to nominate.  James, in a shrewd move, said that they should nominate his former partner Chelsia with Sharon, the alliance’s real target.  Ryan followed through with this and nominated Sharon and Chelsia at the ceremony.

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