Tonight on Big Brother 9, new Head of Household Ryan will make his choices for nominations.  Who will he put on the block?  Since I’ve been cheating, and reading about the action on the live Big Brother feeds, I know exactly who Ryan nominated.  I also know who won Power of Veto, but that’s not important right now. The real question tonight is whether we’ll discover which evicted houseguest will return to the house, as per the online vote.  I’m not sure who I want back – Parker would be fun, Jen would shake things up, either Allison or Amanda would be annoying. I’ll be here all episode giving live updates as the hour goes along.

Big Brother 9: Week 5 Nominations, Live Thoughts

CBS insists on re-hashing the alarm thing for like the first ten minutes of the episode.  Apparently, they don’t have enough content for tonight. 

Matt, Sheila, and Adam were the happiest to start playing as individuals. 

No one liked Allison. 

Joshuah is pissed that Ryan won HoH.  He thinks he’s going up on the block.  Sharon screechily complains.

Natalie is bordering on psychopathic.  Matt is very excited to be free.  He wants the bed to himself, Natalie doesn’t believe it.  James, meanwhile, has been totally messed up by the switch to an individual game.  James is convinced (I think) that Chelsia is going to completely become a different person.  He thinks that Chelsia mayu have been playing her the whole time.

Natalie reads the Bible.  She thinks Josh is going to get bitten because of his verbal abuse.

Josh fake prays in the hot tub, asking for help with his diet.  He’s a crazy person.

We see Ryan’s HoH room.  Matt calls Matt’s sister a “smoke show” which I assume means she’s hot.  A lot of pictures of Jen.  Sheila is devastated, crying, because of Allison’s departure.  God, I’ve had enough of Sheila. 

James looks like he’s getting his little heartbroken.  He and Chelsia talk with cheesy guitar music in the background.  They agree to be in an alliance, I think. 

Sheila is happy to be without Adam because she gets to sleep alone. 

Ryan and Matt are going to work together.  They bring in Adam.  They are going to start picking people off.  Now, James is brought in.  Dudes against girls+Josh. 

Oh, man.  Natalie is super dumb,  She thinks there are 27 letters in the alphabet. 

Food competition time.  Natalie, James, Adam, and Matt are on one team, Sharon, Josh, Chelsia, and Sheila on the other.

The backyard looks Willy Wonka-esque.  Teams have to slide into a pit of chocolate and pick out letters.  Then they have to spell out different foods.  The foods they spell out, they will be able to eat.  If they spell something wrong, the whole team goes on slop.  The team with the most correctly spelled items win, the other team goes on slop.

Natalie, James, Adam, and Matt win.  The other four go on slop.

Josh promises Ryan that if he doesn’t put him up this week, Josh will never put up Ryan and will vote how he wants Josh to this week.  Well played, Josh. 

Josh wakes up early and has himself a solo dance party while the rest of the house sleeps.  Pretty freaking hysterical. 

Ryan discusses things with James and Matt.  He’s thinking Sharon and Sheila.  Adam comes in.  They’re targeting Sharon, apparently.  James throws out the idea of putting up Sharon and Chelsia.  This is a good strategy by James – he wants to make it clear that he has no alliances with anyone. 

Time for nominations. 

Ryan goes through with his plan.  He puts Sharon and Chelsia up on the block.  Interesting.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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