Last night’s episode of Lost provided another slew of “HOLY S***!” moments. It seems with each episode this season, we get one or two answers (Why are the “rescuers” here? Who is another member of the Oceanic 6?), but about 47 new questions come up in their place. It’s maddening, but great and highly addictive.

With a return to Ben’s house in the barracks and several mysterious women’s fashion accessories, the details of “The Economist” might provide some clues as to who or what is going on.

First up is the bracelet Sayid finds on Naomi, and the inscription: “N, I’ll always be with you, RG.” The biggest question is, who is RG? Thus far, those initials don’t correspond to any major (or minor) recurring characters on the show that we can think of. So determining who it is specifically is a bit hard.

More to the point, is it a friend, lover or boss? To help answer that question, we can simply look into Sayid’s flash forward, in which he gets involved in a Mr. and Mrs. Smith-type situation with Elsa, who just so happens to wear a bracelet that bears a striking similarity to Naomi’s.

To determine the bracelets’ origins, we simply need to examine the similarities between Naomi and Elsa. Simply put, both were tasked with finding Ben Linus, so we can safely assume the connection is a mutual boss who wants Ben found. Matthew Abbadon is the obvious choice that all the fans are already talking about. I ask you this: when has this show ever gone with the “obvious choice”?

There are a slew of people who would want Ben to be found, most notably, founders of the Dharma Initiative, which Ben betrayed by siding with the Others (or Hostiles). Heck, one presumes that Dharma is the only organization that even knows who or where Ben is.

However, I have another theory about who RG is, based on evidence on the show. To find that out, head to the next Easter Egg.


-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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