Yesterday, I ranked the top 12 guys on this season of American Idol, determining that Michael Johns and David Archuleta had the best shots of going far. In fact, I believe Archuleta will finish third and Johns will finish second. But who will win?

Well, since you didn’t find out yesterday, it’s obvious I believe season 7’s American Idol will be a woman. Thus far, history is on my side, as four of the six American Idols are female. However, when it comes to the final two, it’s dead even, with six men and six women, thus making my split-gendered finale a likely occurrence. More importantly, continue reading to see how I rank the top 12 women this season.

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Amy Davis, American Idol12. Amy Davis

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Amy Davis.  Amy Davis who?  Amy Davis, the first person who will be eliminated from the top 24 on season 7 of American Idol because no one knows who I am.  Sorry, I’ve already forgotten your name.

Alaina Whitaker, American Idol11. Alaina Whitaker

For her, I defer to my colleague, Oscar Dahl. When she first auditioned in Dallas, this is what Oscar wrote on January 16 (before the top 24 list was even leaked): “Alaina is a very attractive Carrie Underwood lookalike, who is very, very confident in her abilities. It’s partly deserved, too, as she showed us in the audition. Alaina has the makings of a top 24 finalist who’ll be eliminated before America gets to know her.”

Alexandrea Lushington, American Idol10. Alexandrea Lushington

Perhaps I’m just really biased against girls whose names start with the letter “A,” but my big complaint about Alexandrea Lushington is that we saw nothing of her throughout the auditions, so she will have to make a very strong, very good impression early on. At ust 16, it may be hard to keep up with the more experienced and professional ladies in this competition.

9. Ramiele Malubay

I could be alone on this, as some people, including Oscar Dahl, think she could make it very far in this competition. My complaint is that there are a few other girls like her in this competition, meaning the ones who are gonna belt it every time, and the people who love that kind of singing are going to be split.  For more on this, see number three.  It will be sad, but she’ll slip up somehow and go home, forcing Paula Abdul to cry.

Joanne Borgella, American Ido8. Joanne Borgella

I do love ladies from Hoboken in my home state of New Jersey, but quite frankly, we’ve seen the plus-sized black woman before. Lakisha, Mandisa, Frenchie, etc. I don’t think Joanne has the same set of pipes as those other women, so she’ll be going home earlier than they did.

Brooke White, American Idol7. Brooke White

Brooke White and Kristy Lee Cook are fighting for the same territory. There’s both sexy, blonde chicks who sing well and have some flavor. The problem for Brooke, despite having a better voice, is, as Oscar Dahl wrote to me, American Idol is going to be pushing Kristy Lee Cook hard down our throats. She’s the girl they want in the top 12 to get the sex appeal up. Sadly, it will work, and Brooke will suffer because of it.

Carly Smithson, American Idol6. Carly Smithson

In her own right, Smithson is a good singer with a monopoly on a certain kind of voter who love that exotic, high talent performance. The problem once it gets down to the top 12 is that I suspect Michael Johns and Carly Smithson will have overlapping support groups, and as soonas the guys and girls compete with one another, he will take most of her votes away.

5. Kristy Lee Cook

As much as the Idol producers want to push Cook, there will come a time when the shortest shorts and tightest t-shirts won’t help distract voters from the fact that there are better singers around. This will be the end of the road for this season’s Haley Scarnato.

Amanda Overmyer, American Idol4. Amanda Overmyer

This year is a lot easier if you just start comparing all the singers to last season’s contestants. For instance, Amanda Overmyer = Gina Glocksen. Being a female rocker can take you pretty far in this competition, but not that far. Just ask Nikki McKibbon.

3. Syesha Mercado

Syesha and Ramiele are similar in the big voice department. As such, there’s a decent chance these two should switch places on my list, and they might after one performance. But in a pure belt-off, I think Syesha can go louder than Ramiele.

2. Kady Malloy

To be honest, I’d mostly forgotten about her since she didn’t get any play in Hollywood and we hadn’t seen her since the second audition episode in Dallas. Then my fellow BuddyTV writer Oscar Dahl reminded me that this was the insanely hot girl who did the flawless impression of Britney Spears. He correctly informed me that she is a chameleon who will excel in a variety of genres, while other singers will likely falter when placed outside their comfort zones. For these reasons, Kady Malloy is definitely the top underdog of this competition.

Asiah Epperson, American Idol1. Asiah Epperson

I just like her. She has a great voice, great personality, and a great sob story with her recently deceased father. She has all the elements of a true star, and I suspect she’ll be able to deliver one absolutely show-stopping performance, a la Fantasia Barrino’s “Summertime,” that will put a definitive end to the competition before the final vote is cast.

And that is why Asiah Epperson will be your 2008 American Idol. Am I wrong or right? Which girls do you think have the best shot, and who do you think will win it all? Make your predictions now so, when it’s all over, you look like a genius.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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