Congratulations are in order for Amanda Kimmel and Ozzy Lusth.  Last night, these two “Favorites” from Survivor: Micronesia locked their sea-chapped lips and became the quickest make-out partners in Survivor history.  Their have been a handful of “showmances” on Survivor throughout the years, but typically the castaways take things slow.  There is a courting period, maybe some nice walks along the beach, before the make out sessions commence.  Well, Amanda and Ozzy aren’t messing around.  On episode 2, four days after their arrival in Palau, they managed to keep their fellow tribe members awake at night with the fastest Survivor hook-ever.  Jonathan Penner, for one, was not happy about this.  However, though this may be the big story of the night to some, I want to talk about something else.  Namely, why the “Fans” are pissing me off.

Have you ever seen such bltant over-thinking of a situation on Survivor?  Last night was the Fans’ first tribal council and everyone decided to go crazy.  Whatever happened to “everyone play nice early and pick off a) the people who everyone agrees doesn’t fit in and b) the people who suck at challenges.”  It’s not rocket science, people.  Chet should have gone home – he single-handedly killed their chance at winning immunity.  But, no.  This would have been too simple, too obvious.  These guys are “huge fans,” right?  They have to show each other and America that they are master strategists and back stabbers.  

Though Mikey Bortone, with his “four for Chet, three for Tracy” Idol-proof plan, over-thought the entire thing, he wasn’t the problem last night.  Though his too-complicated strategy was the catalyst for everything that happened in camp from then on out, I liked Mikey’s idea.  However, he should have been smart enough to realize that Survivor wasn’t going to allow the first Exile Island inhabitants to actually find the immunity idol.  Anyway, the person who really made themselves look like an ass last night was firefighter Joel Anderson.  I really wanted to like this brute but, unfortunately, he’s a little bit despicable.

Joel, after hearing Mikey’s plan, got confused.  He didn’t really understand the math of 4 vs. 3 vs. 3.  Because he didn’t understand, Joel got angry.  Seriously.  He got angry at Mikey for being too smart.  As a result, Joel decided to take his anger out on Mikey by leading a charge to vote off Mary, Mikey’s friend/possible crush.  This made no sense (people liked Mary, she hadn’t done anything wrong), but since it helped out the three older tribe members (Tracy, Kathleen, Chet) they went along with Joel’s plan, even if they didn’t understand it. 

No matter how Joel wanted the situation to look, the facts are this: he was embarrassed by his lack of intellect and then blind-sided an alliance member for no other reason then to prove that he could play the game.  That’s no way to play the game, but it should really rile things up in the Fans’ camp.  Whatever happens, I’ll be happily rooting against Joel for the remainder of the season.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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