I’ve reached the breaking point.  I can officially not stand Natalie for one second longer on Big Brother.  She’s a hypocrite of the highest order, the kind of person who spouts all sorts of jumbled religious beliefs yet doesn’t follow through in her actions.  She talks big, but doesn’t back it up.  This, however, pales in comparison to her overall annoyance, which is at an astronomical level.  She is nails on a chalkboard.  Big Brother 10, hopefully, will cast some smarter individuals for the summer season.  Tonight’s Big Brother was something of a game changer, depending on how the votes play out on tomorrow night’s eviction episode.

Natalie is Expelled from Team Christ

Sheila, Ryan, Adam and Natalie are all still on board with the back door Natalie plan.  Sheila maybe overplays it a bit, and gets neurotic about it.  She constantly needs reassurances from everyone that they’re up to the plan.  Natalie is getting on everyone’s nerves.  It’s agreed that Natalie is a  strong player, who has been playing all sides, and thus she needs to go.  Natalie has no clue she’s being targeted.  Mostly, they just need to make sure that Natalie does not win the Power of Veto.

Hamster Puzzles

The Power of Veto competition is a puzzle competition.  Each house guest enters the back yard alone and has to use nine different remotes to toggle nine different television screens until they figure out the picture puzzle.  The catch – there are two different puzzles that can be solved, but only one which can be fully solved.  Natalie, who fancies herself a puzzle queen, finishes second to last.  Adam barely edges out Ryan to win the PoV.  Baller rejoices.

Big Dudes, Big Power

Natalie knows that she’s going to be put up on the block with Sharon, but she still thinks the real target is Sharon.  The only question is who will Adam and Ryan vote for.  They hold a number of discussions and start talking themselves into the idea that keeping Natalie around might be a good idea, because no one would vote her in the final two.  In the end, they still seem to be leaning towards ousting Natalie.

The Inevitable

At the PoV ceremony, Adam uses the PoV to take himself off the block. Sheila replaces him with Natalie.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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