America’s Next Top Model has featured many sexy photo shoots over the last 10 cycles. One recent shoot, in particular, became a bit too much for the Parents Television Council. In a March 26 episode, one contestant, Anya, won a prize after participating in a posing contest judged by Tyra Banks herself. Her prize was a 1-on-1 photo shoot with judge, Nigel Barker but she had to be completely naked for the shoot. This prompted parents to launch complaints to the FCC and the PTC to take a stand against the “indecent content”.

“It is irresponsible for The CW Network to air full frontal nudity on the public airwaves at 8PM, and based upon our analysis of the broadcast in question we believe this has crossed the legal threshold for broadcast indecency,” PTC President Tim Winter in a Tuesday statement. “This episode portrays a photo-shoot where the model is entirely naked; and the nudity includes the model’s pubic region in full view, albeit slightly blurred.”

The biggest complaints were that the episode airs during the 8pm time slot, which is known as Family Hour. Also, the nude photo shoot scene lasted more than a minute and the PTC felt it was gratuitous and “intended to tittilate”. The council has recently come down on CBS for their overly violent shows, particularly Dexter, which was brought over from Showtime.

Aimee, the contestant who was eliminated on that episode, said that she was glad that she did not win that prize. The conservative college student felt that she would not be comfortable enough to take her clothes off for Nigel and America. She was mostly eliminated for not being “worldly” enough, which basically meant that she hadn’t had not only enough travel experience, but sexual experience as well, to make her a top fashion model.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Source: Reality TV World, Parents Television Council
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Gina Scarpa

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