It’s all up to the boys on tonight’s Big Brother live eviction episode.  Will Adam and Ryan stick with Sheila’s plan and evict Natalie?  Or will they change their minds and vote out their season-long foe Sharon?  I suppose Sharon hasn’t been much of a foe, but simply a member of another alliance.  Even though I don’t have any particular affinity for Sharon, I really want her to stay.  I need her to stay.  I’m not sure how much more of Natalie I can take before sticking my hand into a bonfire.  Big Brother will evict one of the five remaining house guests tonight, and will hold a competition for what I believe will be the final Head of Household of the season.  I’ll be here throughout the episode, giving live updates as the results come in.

Good evening, Julie Chen.  Oh, I guess there are two weeks left.  Maybe it’s ten days.  We shall see.  Julie Chen is wearing a green rose on her sweater.  Weird.

Sheila hates Natalie, it seems.  Natalie, after the PoV competition, starts campaigning to the boys.  I doubt it will work.  Natalie has a crazy evil face going when talking to them.  It’s disturbing.  Adam and Ryan decide to call a meeting with everyone in the house.  They want to pin Sheila and Natalie against each other.  Both those ladies are extremely paranoid. 

Once the meeting time happens, Natalie can’t be there because she’s in the bathroom dying her hair.  So, they move the meeting to the bathroom. Ryan and Adam are being idiots – they’re trying to air all the dirty laundry and make Natalie defend herself.  Natalie says her true loyalties lie with the two men.  You can’t have a rational conversation with Nat.  She defies intelligent conversation.  Ryan and Adam can only hurt themselves with this nonsense.  Ryan and Adam should have just made a decision and went for it.

Sheila is pissed that they ruined her plan.  It really hurt Sheila. 

Later, Ryand and Adam talk to Natalie and the waterworks start flowing.  Good god, this is unbearable.  CBS plays this sappy, after-school special music in the background.  Get gone, Nat.  The power has gone to Ryan and Adam’s heads. 

Natalie confronts Sharon, and the two start screaming at each other.  I feel bad for Sharon. 

After the commercial, we’ll see James return to Chelsia in the sequester house. 

Julie talks to the house guest, and Chen tries to really pry and get good answers from the house guests.  It is an act of futility. 

Jury House time: 

Chelsia has feelings for James still.

Matt is a bit stir crazy.

Joshuah is pissed that he got evicted. 

And then James arrives.  Matt is happy to see him, because James was the one who got him out. The y all watch the DVD from the house to see how James was evicted.  James, surprisingly, lays the smack down on Chelsia, saying he was evicted because of Chelsia’s fit she threw when she left the house.  Chelsia breaks down in tears, mostly because she feels bad.  They make up, and they’re still together….until they enter the real world and the gay porn atomic bomb drops on Chelsia.

Almost time for the live votes:

Ryan votes to evict Natalie.  YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!

Adam votes to evict Sharon.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Well, Sheila has to break the tie now. Which means, Natalie will be gone!!!!!

Julie tells the house that there is a tie.  Sheila stands and votes to evict Natalie.  Nat cries and then leaves.

So, we’ve got a pretty big HoH coming up, eh?

HoH time:

The game is called “Fact or Fiction” and each player has to answer fact or fiction to a question about this season of Big Brother.  Whoever has the most points after seven questions wins.  Go Sharon. 

Sharon is leading by one after 4 questions. 

What the hell?  This is BS.  The final question was this.  There is still a pre-existing relationship in the house.  True or False?  They said the answer was True, because of the guinea pigs.  SO, Sharon has to do a tie-breaker with Ryan and Ryan wins HoH.  Dude, I never want to watch this show again.  That is insane. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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