That constant grating noise in my brain has disappeared.  That nails on a chalkboard in the background of every single Big Brother episode has been forever erased.  No more high-pitched Team Christ talk.  It’s over.  Natalie has been vanquished.  Tonight’s Big Brother made every single Big Brother fan I know incomprehensibly happy.  And, weirdly, it had very little do with game play, and the ramifications of her exit.  I feel free now.  In other news, tonight’s Head of Household featured the trickiest of trick questions, and a look into the Jury House. 

Adam and Ryan Get on their High Horse

Adam and Ryan had the power in their hands.  They were the only two voters for eviction, and could decide to send either Sharon or Natalie home.  They waver back and forth, and decide to call a town hall meeting to discuss Natalie and her place in the game.  They tell her that she’s been playing all sides and they know that.  Natalie plays it off pretty well, saying that she has always been on their side.  Later, Natalie gives a teary-eyed performance for the men.  Even later, Natalie and Sharon mix it up.  Nothing is resolved.

Jury House Shenanigans

We take a look into the jury house.  Joshuah is bitter, Chelsia is a little bitter, and Matt keeps to himself.  Chelsia is happy to see James when he shows up, but is sad that he’s not in the game.  James calls Chelsia out for her despicable exit from the house, but they make up and are on good terms. 


Ryan votes to evict Natalie.  Adam votes to evict Sharon.  Which means Sheila has to cast the deciding vote: she evicts Natalie.  There is much rejoicing. 

A Cheap HoH

The Head of Household competition is “True or False.”  Each of the players are asked true and false questions.  After seven questions, whoever has the most correct answers wins.  Sharon is beating Ryan by one point going into the final question, but Big Brother throws a massive curve ball.  The final question is this: There is one pre-existing relationship still remaining in the house.  True or False.  The answer is true because the guinea pigs had a pre-existing relationship.  Ryan then wins the tie-breaking question and becomes the new HoH.

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