With Dick as the new Head of Household, we pretty much knew from the get-go the two people he would want to inflict vengeance upon:  Jen and Kail.  Knowing that, there wasn’t much suspense during tonight’s episode of Big Brother.  Not only were those the nominations that Dick would undoubtedly make, they were also the correct tactical moves.  Everyone in the house would be happy that Jen is up, and Kail is Dick’s biggest enemy/threat.  However, there were some emotional and touching moments during tonight’s show that said a lot about a couple of the houseguests, especially Dick and Daniele.

Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson

The alliance of Kail, Mike, Zach and Nick is over.  Vanquished.  Done.  The major blow occurred at Thursday’s eviction vote, when Kail ended up being the only one of her alliance to vote to evict Dick.  Afterwards, she was rather perturbed at her alliance members, so much so that she openly questioned whether their alliance still existed.  Frustrated and seeing the writing on the wall, Kail decided to cut and run.  In an attempt to gain Dick’s trust (and keep herself off the block), Kail told Dick everything about their alliance.  Dick sees through this, aware that Kail is only attempting to now save herself, an indication that she is untrustworthy.  Dick, throughout the rest of the episode, blows up the alliance by talking to Nick, Zach and Mike, letting them know that Kail has outed them.  The alliance is finished.

Dick, the Father

The Dick and Daniele relationship makes for riveting TV.  There is a modicum of guilt that I feel as a viewer when I watch what should be private moments between the two.  Nonetheless, Dick is slowly becoming a lovable, sympathetic character.  Late one night, Dick is joined on the backyard hammock by Daniele, who is obviously distressed.  What follows is an emotional heart-to-heart.  Daniele is a bit of a mess, in tears, because she is in a difficult situation.  She loves her boyfriend back home, but has feelings for Nick.  She doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and is horribly conflicted.  We learn a couple of things here.  First, Daniele appears to be a very nice, thoughtful, honest girl.  Second, Dick dispenses as much wisdom as he can, comforts his daughter, and is actuality a really good dude.  He cares, and it’s really obvious that Daniele is aware of this as well, because she pours her heart out to him.  It was a touching moment, and the father/daughter subplot is the most intriguing thing going this season on Big Brother.

Drowning in Pasta

I don’t really think we need a whole lot of detail on the food competition.  The competition is called “Mission: Impastabowl” and it involves two gigantic bowls of pasta with slides attatched.  The houseguests, in pairs, take turns diving into the bowls, and try to match like meatballs (each meatball has a particular food written on it).  If they match a pair of meatballs, the houseguests get whatever food is written on those meatballs for the week.  Needless to say, they got a lot of food to eat, including chicken, a BBQ grill, eggs, cereal and, most importantly, beer. 

Kail is the Target 

Dick makes it seem like he’s pondering different combinations of nominees, but I believe he was going to go with Jen and Kail all along.  He thinks about putting Nick up so he’ll stop being a burden to Daniele, but he knows that wouldn’t make Daniele too happy.  In the end, it’s Jen and Kail up on the block.  Kail is sad about being nominated, even crying in the diary room, and I feel for her.  She overplayed the game last week in her attempts to get Dick evicted, and there’s a good chance she’ll be evicted because of it on Thursday.  Jen is unaffected.  Would you expect anything less? 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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