Last night’s enormously important Big Brother double eviction episode left a lot of fans upset. Not all fans, mind you, but a significant portion. Daniele and Dick Donato have become reprehensible villains in some segments of Big Brother fandom, and people are getting fed up with their success. BuddyTV users had a lot to say after last night’s show, and we’ve chosen the best of the best user comments to publish right here. You all had explosive opinions on the two evictions last night, the purported evilness of Dick and Daniele, and outrage over Zach’s unwillingness to use the Power of Veto.

Why is everyone crying? Don’t you know that CBS is manipulating every day of the Big Brother House? Isn’t it obvious on the live feeds? If you’ve been watching, you can’t help but see that the house guests are told how to vote – just to keep in the most controversial guests. I’ve been an avid watcher for several years now. Tonight I have decided I’ll never watch this show again – I’ve been played too long too!!

Honest Jameka, yeah right! She took the deal with ED and Dani.

Twinkie826 said: I am so happy the weasel is gone… Go Dick and Dani all the way to the final 2….Doing the happy dance here.. Jameka will be gone next Thursday and until then who is she going to talk to…

Well, I think one of either Dick or Danielle will make it to the final two as a result of their lack of popularity with the jury. I do not see both of them making it. I think that might be why Zach sided with D and D this time, because if he can break them up later and make it to the final 2 against one of them, he can win. Up against Eric and Jessica? I could not see that kind of scenario. Though, I think I can see where you are coming from with your statement that they were the strongest pair – after all, they were part of the dominant alliances for the past several weeks, where Dick and Danielle, thanks to Danielle, of course, were on the outs for a while and were lucky to survive.

America’s player was just as mean and just as much of a bully as Dick. Look what he just said about Jen before leaving.

Everyone that has been calling Eric a weasel must have been watching a different show or just be plain dumb. Everything that Eric did that was even vaguely weaselly was an America’s player challenge. I guess that means most of the Voters are the weasels.

MuppetMazz said: Eric almost had to make the pact with D&D because “America” wanted him to. Whoever was voting to keep Dick that week should be happy that the fake liars who hate fake liars are still left in the house. I don’t mind people that lie and cheat in this house to win, you almost have to, but I REALLY hate when people do it and then come across in DR that they can’t stand fake people that lie. At this point I am rooting for Zach because I dislike him the least.


Zach is completely stupid. If he’d used the veto on Eric, Danielle would have had to be the replacement nominee. Eric and Zach could have got rid of Danielle right there and split up the father/daughter alliance. Forcing Dick to nominate his daughter would have been sweeeeeet! Given that it looks like the Donatos in the final, I hope they give it to Dick rather than that whiny daughter of his. At least he admits he’s a horrible person. . . .

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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