Big Brother 18 is rapidly approaching and now, thanks to some recently leaked photos, we have our first look at the newly redesigned house and the theme. The photos are from Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier as he gets a tour of the house.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 18 spoilers.

The theme of the house appears to be travelling around the world, with international rooms and desirable destinations. One bedroom has a British theme while a telephone booth doorway leads to the other bedroom, filled with Japanese anime designs. Let’s hope no one asks a fellow HG to go make some rice.

bb17animeroom.jpgThe fridge has a giant Eiffel Tower on top of it while the wallpaper is covered in airplanes. However, don’t get suckered into thinking that the house’s theme might have something to do with the twists. The design is typically independent from the game, so I doubt the U.S. will steal the twist from the latest season of Big Brother Canada which featured international houseguests.

The bathroom seems to have a beach theme and the floor appears to be covered in sand (let’s hope that’s not permanent). In the HoH room, the fish tank is now placed behind the headboard of the bed.

bb1bathroom.jpgThe new Big Brother 18 house is definitely eclectic. The anime bedroom looks super cool, but also very stimulating. I can’t imagine sleeping while anime chicks look down on you.

The real question left is what the Have-Not room will look like. It doesn’t necessarily have to follow the theme, though the airplane seats from season 15 seem like they’d make a logical fit with this motif. It might be kind of insulting if any specific country is relegated to the Have-Not room, making it seem like it’s not a very desirable location.

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What do you think of the new Big Brother 18 house? Are you excited to spend your summer daydreaming about traveling around the world?

(Images from Big Brother Feedster)

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