Clelli is on the block on Big Brother 17 and in this episode they try to save themselves. First they have the Power of Veto, but when that fails they must decide whether to expose their alliance or sacrifice their love. They foolishly decide on the latter.

Yes, the “beloved” showmance of Clay and Shelli will be coming to an untimely end this Thursday, but first there are knights, swords, squires and more silliness. I assume a Medieval Times restaurant had a going-out-of-business sale this week down the street from the Big Brother 17 house.

The Wrath of Clelli

After being nominated, Clay and Shelli are angry at James for breaking his deal. Shelli can’t imagine playing this game without her ride-or-die, Clay. You mean like how she made Jason play without his ride-or-die, Da’Vonne? Clay goes off on James and Shelli shushes him like he’s a dog, but James isn’t scared at all.

Vanessa makes it all about herself, complaining about how Shelli didn’t give her a hug after the nomination ceremony. She gets even angrier when Clay and Shelli talk about how Vanessa isn’t getting blamed for Jason. Vanessa cries and runs outside to vent to everyone about how Clelli are a bunch of ungrateful snakes.

Clay and Shelli bitch to James about how they’ve always had his back and never betrayed him. He perfectly throws it back that if they told Vanessa they weren’t on board with backdooring Jason, it wouldn’t have happened. He’s 100 percent right. The problem is that Clay and Shelli only have a leg to stand on if James knows about the Sixth Sense, which he obviously doesn’t. He made the best decision he could based on the information he had and it’s not his fault that he doesn’t have all of the information, it’s theirs.

After things calm down, Shelli apologizes to Vanessa and promises not to blow up their alliance. They cry a lot, especially about the fact that it’s the week before jury, so Shelli could get broken up with Clay. Austin doesn’t care at all, because he’s just happy that he’s making it to the jury with Liz.

Ye Olde Power of Veto Competition

Jackie, Vanessa and Becky get picked to play. Vanessa and Becky aren’t sure if they want to win it or not because they like Clelli, but don’t want to piss off James.

The competition has a medieval theme where they must catapult a dart onto a map. In each round, the lowest score loses and gets a prize. The next person out gets a prize and they can trade it or keep it. The other HGs not playing get to drink wine, and the editors show Meg drinking from her wine cup about 100 times during the comp.

Round 1: Jackie is out. She wins the Power of Veto.

Round 2: Shelli is out. She gets Knight in Shining Armor, meaning she has to wear an armor-tard all week long. She trades it to Jackie.

Round 3: Vanessa is out. She gets an Ireland Castle Vacation. She keeps it.

Round 4: Clay is out. He gets Night of Shining Armor, meaning he must be a squire for the Knight and constantly shine her armor. He trades it to Vanessa.

Round 5: Becky is out. She gets $5,000. She keeps it.

James wins. He gets Castle Guard, meaning he has to do sword training 2,400 times in 24 hours. He trades it to Shelli.

James wins the Power of Veto!

So Becky gets cash and Clay gets an Ireland vacation. Jackie has to wear an armor-tard, Vanessa has to shine her suit for 24 hours and Shelli has to train for 24 hours.

Afterwards, Clay asks Drunk Meg to vote him out over Shelli. She refuses and during the whole conversation, their hands are all over each other. There is so much sexual tension between them it’s ridiculous.

The Punishments

Jackie is stuck in a clunky plastic suit of armor for the week. Vanessa is her squire and must polish Jackie’s suit for 24 straight hours. Neither of them seems very happy about it.

But Shelli’s punishment is worse. She must do a trio of sword-training moves as one rotation and every 100 times, she runs inside the house to ring a bell. All three of these women seem miserable during the whole ordeal.

Clelli’s Hardest Battle

Once Shelli completes her 2,400 battles, it’s time for the hardest battle of all: convincing James to use the veto. For their campaign, Clay and Shelli say they don’t want to turn on people. They’re so concerned with playing dirty, but James points out that they’d still be there if they did it.

Shelli tells James about Austin’s Judas alter ego and how he voted to keep Audrey and was responsibility for Liz nominating James during her HoH. It’s a nice try, but the problem is that Clelli only offered bits and pieces of information, not everything. For instance, HOW do they know this about Austin?

The Power of Veto Ceremony

At the ceremony, Clay’s speech is about how much he loves Shelli and she says the same thing. She claims that they’re good people who don’t deserve to be in this position. However, James feels that they betrayed him and kept him in the dark about a lot of things. James does NOT use the Power of Veto.

Shelli cries and Clay wants to throw away his game because she has a better chance of winning. It’s nauseating in every way.

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