Things are moving quickly on Big Brother 17. Less than 24 hours after Jace was evicted, the two new HoHs, Becky and Shelli, have already made their nominations, the Battle of the Block was played and now the Power of Veto competition is over. Obviously the show’s staff wants to take off for the Fourth of July, so they’re trying to cram in everything before the weekend.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Becky nominated Jason and Steve and Shelli nominated Da’Vonne and John. Jason and Steve won the Battle of the Block (possibly because John threw it as Shelli and Clay asked him to). Clay, Steve and Meg were picked to play in the PoV.

John won the Power of Veto!

Now things will get interesting. Obviously John will save himself (Shelli and Clay were trying to convince him not to when the feeds came back on, but he understandably refused), so she will have to pick a replacement nominee. This will tell us a lot.

When the feeds came back, Clay offered himself as a pawn, which Shelli immediately shut down. Clay, Shelli, Meg and John were in a room together and seemed to settle on Liz as the best possible pawn since people like her, with Meg and John promising to vote Da’Vonne out over Liz.

This is where things could get interesting. Last night, Jason, James and Meg were talking about ways to save Da’Vonne if she was against Johnny Mac, and one of them was to say that the Twin Twist from season 5 is back and it’s John. Yes, they actually made up a plan that is almost correct, and if Liz goes on the block and they accuse her of being a secret twin (which she is!), things could get crazy.

Then there’s the Last Laugh. If someone close to Da’Vonne gets it, cancelling out the votes of Austin, Vanessa and Clay would guarantee that Liz loses three votes, and Da’Vonne might be able to pick up enough from the others to stay.

The most grueling part is that, due to the extended Fourth of July weekend, the Power of Veto ceremony might not be until Monday, leaving the HGs with plenty of time to wrestle with this decision and campaign back and forth.


-John and Steve have played in every single competition this season: both HoHs, both BoBs and both PoVs. They’ve each won twice, a BoB and a PoV.

-Vanessa has only played in one of the six competitions in the first two weeks, the second HoH.

-This is only the second time in the show’s history that one of the nominees won the PoV in each of the first two weeks. It also happened in season 12 with Brendon and Britney.

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