After one full week, it’s time for the first live eviction of Big Brother 17. Jackie and Jace are on the block with the power alliance targeting Jace. Can any plans save him? And how will the editors be able to capture all of the insane drama of the past four days in just one hour of TV?

In addition to an eviction, Big Brother 17 is also giving us a new Takeover with comedienne Kathy Griffin and the show will finally reveal who’s at the center of the Twin Twist. That’s a lot of action for one episode.

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 17 live blog!

Jace Campaigns to Everyone

After the PoV ceremony, Jackie’s strategy is to remain chill while Jace is about to go off and everyone knows it. Jace says this is worse than Y2K, which might be the funniest thing he’s ever said. Austin is worried and is already looking out for himself.

Jace confronts James about his decision. James says he just doesn’t want to compete against him. Jace is acting like a big baby and he’s so mad that people lied to him. Audrey talks to Jace and swears to God she had nothing to do with it. He doesn’t believe her and wants to let the entire house know about how devious she is.

Jace genuinely thinks he can stay by starting a revolution. He campaigns to Clay, who listens but doesn’t budge. Jace tells Johnny Mac that Jackie only offers boobs. He also gets Liz, Vanessa and Steve on board. Steve really wants to keep him, but he doesn’t believe Jace can get the votes to do it.

Audrey vs. Jace

Audrey asks Meg if she can tell Jace that the whole house knew he was going to get backdoored. Meg absolutely does not want her to do it because it’s so stupid and their plan is working fine. Audrey ignores this advice and tells Jace that everyone knew about it. Jace doesn’t believe her, but he wants to turn the entire house against her. The show throws Audrey under the bus because, technically, she is the one who first brought up the idea of backdooring Jason, even if she didn’t mean it.  Their fight escalates quickly as Jace yells at Audrey and she insists that he’s going home.

There’s a lot the show didn’t include. Audrey is being edited as the lone villain, which she kind of is, but there’s a lot of other stuff going on. And Jace is getting a very generous edit since they only showed the end of his campaign to Steve and didn’t include the 20 minutes of psychological bullying Jace did before that scene.

Twin Twist

The twins have switched places four times so far. If they survive five evictions, they both get to play. It’s Liz and her twin sister Julia. Yeah, we already knew that., Julia is a dental assistant, but she can’t talk to John about it because she has to pretend to be Liz.

They are extremely ditzy. They only get 10-15 minutes to talk during each switch. Audrey mentions the possibility of twins in the house because Shelli and Jeff both have twins. They will swap live tonight during their eviction vote. In the house, they only talk about having an older sister.

The First Eviction

Jackie loves everyone. Jace pulls a Zach Rance and plugs his Instagram. Jace throws the 8-person alliance under the bus, especially James.

Jeff votes to evict…Jace (gladly)
Da’Vonne votes to evict…Jace (“Bye!”)
Jason votes to evict…Jace (ecstatically)
Audrey votes to evict…Jackie
Steve votes to evict…Jace (his good friend)
Liz/Julia vote to evict…Jace (and then they swaps places)
Austin (and Judas) vote to evict…Jace (regrettably)
Meg votes to evict…Jace
John votes to evict…Jace (sadly)
Clay votes to evict…Jace (sadly)
Becky votes to evict…Jace
Shelli votes to evict…Jace (sadly)
Vanessa votes to evict…Jace

Jace is evicted 12-1!

Of course Audrey threw in a random vote just to cause trouble. Jace goes with dignity and grace. He does a somersault on his way to see Julie Chen. Frankie Grande is in the audience and Jace loves him.

Goodbye Messages: Jason calls him a ticking time bomb. Steve really wanted  to work with him. Da’Vonne says that Bro Code #1 is that you don’t step on Mama Day’s toes. Finally, Liz and Julia say goodbye and he is completely shocked. He also thinks they’re both gorgeous and is OK getting a date with either.

BB Takeover with Kathy Griffin

There’s a Takeover with Kathy Griffin before the HoH competition. The audio is totally messed up and we can’t hear anyone in the house, but we can hear Julie Chen complaining about not having a signal. It’s so awkward and hilarious. She offers no clue about her twists, it was just an introduction.

Then Kathy talks to Julie Chen. Kathy thinks they need to keep alliances a secret and the girls need to stop melting down every couple of minutes. She loves Audrey but needs her to stop melting down and get out of bed. She also likes Vanessa.

The twist for this week is the power of the Last Laugh. A telephone will appear in the house with Kathy calling repeatedly. Whoever answers the seventh call will get the Last Laugh power to prevent THREE people from voting next week. Ooh, that’s kind of cool. Now there will only be 9 votes next week, not 12.

The HoH Competition

The 14 eligible HGs have been randomly split into two groups of seven for two separate heats to decide the two HoHs. They must run back and forth to build a puzzle.

HoH #1: Da’Vonne, Becky, Meg, Steve, Liz, John, Vanessa

Becky wins the first HoH! Wow, good for her. Becky suddenly matters. She was totally out of everything in week 1, so I’ll be curious to see her play.

HoH #2: Austin, Jason, Audrey, Jeff, Clay, Jackie, Shelli

The second heat is man-heavy.  Clay is very fast, as you’d expect from a football player. Shelli wins the second HoH! So it’s two girls in charge. This is gonna be interesting since neither of them seem to have serious targets. Clay seems to want Da’Vonne gone, but will Shelli blindly go along with it?

The episode ends with Kathy telling the HGs that the twist involves the Last Laugh at next week’;s eviction vote.

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