Big Brother 17 is shaping up to be one of the best seasons ever, especially if the live feeds are any indication. But the TV episodes are way behind the times. In tonight’s episode, we get to see the Power of Veto results, a major house alliance taking shape and a beautifully executed backdoor plan.

We also find out the origin story to what will become a MASSIVE feud between Da’Vonne and Audrey, and it’s for the most hilariously absurd reason. Audrey then pulls a Devin by literally doing the exact same thing he did with the Bomb Squad last season.

The Power Alliance Is Formed

James and Jason figure out that to take out Jace, they need seven votes, so James wants to form a power alliance. They start with Audrey and Da’Vonne. James wants to add Meg because she looks like Taylor Swift and Clay because he’s from Texas.

All six of them meet up to solidify an alliance, although Da’Vonne already knows that it’s temporary and she only plans on working with some of them for the long-term. Great, it’s Bomb Squad all over again.

The Trouble with Jace

Jace streaks in the backyard and no one is amused. Austin starts to notice that Jace is causing problems for Shelltown by making himself a potential target. Austin and Jace go upstairs where James and Audrey are hanging out. Jace wants to make a big move and Audrey says that backdooring the dethroned HoH would be big, but she’s only bringing up Jason to throw Jace off the scent that he’s the real target. For anyone watching the live feeds, this answers so many questions about how the drama began.

Jace and Austin propose forming an alliance with James and Audrey and settle on Cloudtown (to go with Shelltown). James and Audrey agree, but they have absolutely no intention of honoring it and still want to backdoor Jace.

Day vs. Clay

Da’Vonne goes around the house counting everything to study for a potential future competition. She goes into a bedroom and Jeff wonders what she’s doing. When she leaves the empty room, Jeff asks why she went into his room. She’s furious that he’s questioning her and that he was talking to Clay and Shelli about it.

Da’Vonne vents to Jason and Audrey about how Clay used Jeff to spy on her. Jeff comes up to apologize and cover his bases, but then he goes back downstairs to tell Clay that Da’Vonne is angry with him. Clay comes upstairs and gets into a bit of a fight with Da’Vonne. Seriously? A huge fight is all based on Jeff and Clay wondering why Da’Vonne walked into an empty room?

Audrey is concerned because they just brought Clay into their alliance and Da’Vonne’s irrational meltdown over this could blow it up. She asks Clay to apologize to Da’Vonne and he agrees, but he wants to vote her out next week (which Audrey agrees with).

After Clay apologizes, Da’Vonne immediately knows that Audrey told him to do it and that she’s playing puppet master. So this is the start of Da’Vonne vs. Audrey, all because of counting cars in a bedroom. Suddenly everything that’s happened on the live feeds makes more sense, but it also makes absolutely no sense because this is a dumb reason to go to war.

The Have-Nots

As HoH, James gets to pick the first four Have-Nots. Since Vanessa, Da’Vonne, Liz and Austin have immunity, he thinks it’s only fair to make them do it. The Have-Not room has a dentist theme.

The Power of Veto Competition

When picking players, Steve gets HG’s Choice and goes for Jason, hoping that it will help bond them. In a surreal turn of events, the three people chosen to play for the PoV are the dethroned HoH and the two nominees who won the Battle of the Block.

Just like the last two seasons, the first PoV involves collecting letters to spell a word in a nose-themed competition. But in a new twist, every letter has a point value from 0-3, so it’s not just about making a long word, but a word with high-valued letters.

James spells “Lifeguards” for 8 points.
Becky spells “Closest” for 7 points.
Jason spells “Zones” for 6 points.
Jackie spells “Judge” for 6 points.
Steve spells “Trombonists” for 12 points.
John spells “Boogers” for 7 points.

Steve wins the Power of Veto!

Becky points out that this may be the first time in Big Brother history where all six HGs correctly spelled a word. Yeah, that is quite impressive.

Audrey Is the New Devin

Audrey pulls a full-on Devin from last season by waking up Shelli and Jeff in the middle of the night and dragging them upstairs to join the six-person power alliance. This is literally the same thing Devin did last year, bringing Amber and Christine into the original six-person Bomb Squad without consulting the rest of the alliance.

But instead of just waking up the HoH like Devin did when he woke up Caleb, she wakes up everyone in the alliance, drags them upstairs one-by-one and forces everyone onto the same page. Jeff, Meg and James are all concerned that Audrey is unstable and a hot mess. They’re not wrong.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Though Audrey’s actions briefly made James consider taking out Audrey, he sticks with the plan.

Steve saves himself with the Power of Veto.

Jace is the replacement nominee.

James takes sole responsibility for the decision. Tomorrow night someone is evicted and Kathy Griffin takes over.

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