With only six HGs left we’re less than three weeks away from the finale of Big Brother 17. Every competition is crucial and, for the sixth week in a row, the HoH competition wasn’t shown on Thursday’s live eviction episode. So who’s in charge after Meg and James were sent to the jury house?

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Steve is the new HoH!

Finally, a shift in power. Since he’s extremely close to John and Vanessa, odds are extremely good that two of the AusTwins will go on the block this week and finally be broken up. At this point, it’s basically Steve, John and Vanessa vs. the AusTwins, though Vanessa is well positioned with everyone. Heck, she has Final 2 deals with everyone left except Liz.

The only question is which two will go on the block and whether Austin will finally get his first nomination on Day 79 (Friday). Then it all comes down to the Power of Veto and now that there are only six HGs, everyone will play.

However, this does mean that the Scamper Squad has now won the last six HoH competitions in a row, with two each for Steve and Liz and one each for Vanessa and Austin. And they’ve also won 9 out of the last 11 competitions, with John and James’ PoVs as the only exceptions.

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The competition was a puzzle in four rounds involving six-sided dice featuring the faces of the six HGs evicted before the jury.


-Steve is the seventh person this season to win multiple HoHs, following Shelli, Becky, Austin, James, Liz and Vanessa.

-Steve, Vanessa and Liz all have 5 competition wins. John has 4, Austin has 2 and Julia has 1.

-Steve is the 19th person to win the double/double, meaning 2 HoHs and 2 PoVs in one season. James and Vanessa also did it this season.

-This is John’s 13th HoH competition. The only other HGs to play in that many are the Final 3 from the past two seasons: Andy, GinaMarie and Spencer and Derrick, Cody and Victoria.

-Liz is only the 21st person to win three HoH competitions in a single season, and only the seventh woman. Vanessa also did it this season.

-John now has seven nominations, the same number Donny Thompson had last season. The only HGs who’ve been nominated more times are season 15’s Spencer Clawson (nine times) and season 16’s Victoria Rafaeli (10 times).

-Austin and Liz have now survived 12 evictions without ever having to face a vote. There are only four other HGs to ever do this: season 5 winner Drew Daniel, season 15’s McCrae Olson and season 16’s Frankie Grande and Derrick Levasseur.

-Austin is only the 14th HG ever to reach the Top 6 without ever being nominated. Most recently, it was done by season 16 winner Derrick and season 14 winner Ian Terry.

-Austin has now cast 11 votes for eviction. The only other HGs to do that are season 15’s McCrae and Andy and season 16’s Derrick and Cody.

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-Since the Power of Veto was introduced in season 3, Meg is only the 12th person to finish in the Top 8 without winning either HoH or PoV.

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