It’s a new week on Big Brother 17 with girl power surging through the house. Becky and Shelli, two players who haven’t been front and center in the game thus far, won HoH in week 2. Although maybe there’s not that much girl power since the two main targets this week are also girls.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

HoH Becky nominated Steve and Jason.

HoH Shelli nominated Da’Vonne and John.

For the first time, we have two HoHs with radically different plans. Becky is completely on board with backdooring Audrey because Audrey was spreading rumors that Becky was using racial slurs. Becky is trying to play it safe in the middle, taking out someone the house wants gone and putting up one person in the power alliance and one person outside of the power alliance. And since Jason put her on the block last week, he completely understands his nomination.

Shelli, however, wants to take out Da’Vonne. It’s unclear if it’s really Shelli’s idea or if Clay is controlling her reign as he’s very vocal about it since he’s worried that Da’Vonne is coming after him. Shelli and Clay have been recruiting everyone, from Austin and Liz to Jeff. They’re even trying to get James and Meg on board with splitting up Da’Vonne and Jason. And yes, they’re continuing to try and work with Audrey.

She even asked Johnny Mac to be her pawn to throw the Battle of the Block in order to keep Da’Vonne as a nominee. John agreed, but that was with Shelli, Clay and Jeff all in the room. Could he really say no, especially after seeing what happened to Zach last year when he refused to throw it?

Shelli isn’t being completely honest with Becky too, letting her believe that backdooring Audrey is her top priority when really it’s getting rid of Da’Vonne. Things will definitely start to hit the fan.

For Shelli, in case Da’Vonne wins the Power of Veto, she’s keeping her options open. She may backdoor Audrey, but she isn’t sure what she’d do yet.

Da’Vonne is somehow the main target as Shelli, Clay and Jeff strong-arm James and Meg into their coalition. It’s going to be a week where competitions are crucial, but either way, we once again have a situation where two girls are in charge and the only serious targets are other women.

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It’s quite obvious how differently the two HoHs are playing. Becky is 100 percent on board with the whole house taking out Audrey and encourages both of her nominees to fight to win the Battle of the Block. And then Shelli is deceptive, asking John to throw it and plotting to get rid of Da’Vonne instead.

The Have-Nots

In addition, the two HoHs got to pick the Have-Nots for the week and they chose Jason, Meg, Steve and James.

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