It should’ve been a simple second week on Big Brother 17. The entire house was united against Audrey and it seemed like she would be the obvious target. But with such a crazy season filled with people trying to make big moves right away, nothing is that simple.

Even crazier, the new HoHs, Becky and Shelli, only had about six hours after winning HoH before they made their nominations, with the Battle of the Block coming at 5am. So in less than 12 hours, the HGs evicted Jace, two new HoHs were chosen, they got their HoH room, chose Have-Nots and played the Battle of the Block.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

HoH Becky nominated Jason and Steve.

HoH Shelli nominated Da’Vonne and John.

Jason and Steve won the Battle of the Block!

This means Becky is dethroned, Shelli (with Clay) remains HoH and Da’Vonne and John are on the block. Shelli, Clay and Jeff all asked John to throw the competition to help them get Da’Vonne out, and some people seem to think he did since apparently Da’Vonne had to drag him around because he was moving rather slowly. But people also seem to think that even if he wasn’t doing it, they still would’ve lost..

Either way, Shelli has made it very clear that she wants Da’Vonne gone. While Becky’s plan was to backdoor Audrey, and Shelli let her think that was also her top priority, things have changed. Shelli and especially Clay are worried that Da’Vonne is coming after them and that Audrey is a wounded animal who no one trusts, making her less of a threat.

Da’Vonne is well aware of this plan, so she knows her only real hope is to win the Power of Veto. If she does, or if someone wins it who will save her (like Jason and maybe even Jackie, Meg or James), then Shelli may have to backdoor Audrey after all as a backup plan. Either that or Clay could convince her to make a bigger move.

If Johnny Mac wins the Power of Veto, it will be interesting to see who Shelli would put up as a replacement. Would she nominate Audrey, giving Da’Vonne a fighting chance? Or will she try to seal Da’Vonne’s fate with a pawn?

If the nominations stay the same, it’s very doubtful that Da’Vonne could get the votes to stay. Nobody has a beef with John and even if the Last Laugh is used to cancel out three votes against her, Da’Vonne would still need five votes to stay. That seems like a stretch.

The first week of Big Brother 17 was all about a simple backdoor plan, but week 2 is much more about competitions. The PoV will be more important than ever.

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