The Big Brother 17 house is about to experience another double eviction and in preparation, the HGs were given some new practice equipment that will most likely be a part of it, whether it’s HoH or PoV.

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On Wednesday afternoon, the eight remaining HGs were given a new game in the backyard. It’s a curved platform and they must roll a ball down it, getting it to turn and make it to the end.

This is yet another random game of chance, meaning anyone can win it. The last time they did this was the Gronk Pong HoH where Austin and Vanessa won, though James and Julia (who was in the house at the time) both did well. It’s almost all luck, which makes things less predictable.

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Odds are this will be connected to the HoH competition during the double eviction as the PoV will most likely be the ball pit. Or it could be part of the HoH competition they will have AFTER the double eviction, which is something they’ve done before.

After the Power of Veto ceremony this week, Meg and Julia are on the block with all signs pointing to Meg getting evicted. There are quite a few targets going into this double eviction. Steve and Johnny Mac seem to be leaning towards Austin and Liz as their nominees with Liz as the target while James might go for Vanessa and Steve. Austin and the twins will likely go after James, John or Steve, with Vanessa pushing quite hard to keep Johnny Mac around longer since he’s easier to beat.

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At this point, I feel like Julia is the only one who is likely going to be safe during the double eviction. Depending on who wins HoH and PoV, I could easily imagine any of the six other HGs joining Meg in the jury house.

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