The Big Brother 17 finale is one week away. Following the amazing blindside of Austin, Steve won the Final 4 HoH and secured himself a spot in the finale. But which two HGs will join him? In this episode we’ll see the final Power of Veto competition and the last eviction before finale night. With Vanessa, Liz and Johnny Mac, it really is a wide-open field and I can still envision any one of the four winning the game.

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 17 live blog!

The Austin Aftermath

Following Austin’s surprise eviction, Vanessa cries and apologizes to Liz. She feels bad because he trusted her, but he would’ve beaten her in the finale. Johnny Mac, on the other hand, has no problem admitting that he’s just a bad person. Liz is shocked and betrayed and doesn’t trust Vanessa at all.

Right before the eviction ceremony, John and Vanessa told Steve they were blindsiding Austin, not him. John also told Austin he was good.

Steve’s HoH Reign

Steve admits that he won by dumb luck because he did the math wrong and meant to write 6,000. Vanessa says she’s happy because Liz winning HoH was her worst-case scenario. Johnny Mac assumes he’s gonna be evicted while Liz is livid at Vanessa for taking away her voice of reason.

Vanessa talks to Liz and it’s the same thing as always, going on and on about how hard her decision was. She desperately tries to force Liz to understand why she did it. As always, Vanessa says this is better for Liz’s game. Liz doesn’t like it, but since she hates Steve and John, she has no choice. Vanessa gives her word on Mel that she’s taking Liz to the Final 3.

Vanessa also tells Johnny Mac that it would be stupid to take Liz to the end. She also shakes John’s hand and promises to go to the end with him. She rationalizes that she can make Final 2 deals with Liz and John because she won’t have to be at the end with both of them. The problem is that if she has to choose between them, she WILL be breaking a deal.

Steve nominates John and Vanessa. It doesn’t matter and everyone knows it.

Steve doesn’t want Vanessa to win the last PoV because he doesn’t think he can beat her at the end.

Julia and Austin at the Jury House

They all want Vanessa to show up, but they’re shocked to see Julia. They assume Liz would’ve been evicted over her. The jury questions why Julia chose Austin in the PoV competition. She tells them about how Vanessa swore on her family and life that she wasn’t playing her and the jury isn’t surprised.

Then Austin shows up, still barefoot. He blames Vanessa for blindsiding him. The jury is completely in awe of Vanessa’s deceptions and betrayals. Shelli says Vanessa played an amazing game, but Austin thinks it was very flawed. There’s a big debate and this is what the game will come down to, whether or not Vanessa played a good game. And Austin has vowed to blow her up.


Rachel is in awe that there are no floaters at the end. Brendon thinks John would need to win the final HoH to convince him that he deserves a win. Rachel thinks Austin will be into a Liztin relationship in the real world, but she’s less certain about Liz. Then Rachel reveals that she’s pregnant.

The Final Power of Veto Competition

For some reason, Caleb Reynolds from last season returns. I guess it’s appropriate since he holds the all-time record for playing in the most PoV competitions with 12, but he didn’t win a single one.

It’s a karate-themed competition about remembering what days events happened. The last person in each round gets a strike, and if you get two strikes, you’re out.

Round 1: Liz is last
Round 2: Liz is last

Liz is out! That was quick.

Round 3: Steve is last
Round 4: Steve is last

Steve is out! He totally forgot about Meg being nominated in week 2. Now it’s down to John and Vanessa. Vanessa finished first in the first two rounds, but John finished first in the second two rounds.

Round 5: John is last
Round 6: John is last

Vanessa wins the Power of Veto!

She was a total beast in this competition, as always. Seriously, she’s one hell of a competitor. Liz feels safe and John is terrified.

The Eviction

Obviously Vanessa saves herself and Liz is the replacement nominee. Now Liz and John have one last chance to plead for Vanessa to keep them.

John makes it clear that he knows Liz is too excited and it means he’s gone, so he won’t beg. Liz says she’s made a bunch of friends.

Vanessa votes to evict…John

John is evicted 1-0!

She explains that Johnny Mac made interesting offers, but she can’t trust them. After he’s gone, they’re in awe of his applause and Steve thinks he was a twist.

Johnny Mac admits that he was totally going to evict Vanessa if given the chance. He also says he had no idea what he was doing and he regrets keeping Steve because then Vanessa would’ve taken him to the end and been forced to split up the showmance at Final 4 instead of Final 5.

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Sunday is the clip show that ends with the start of part 1 of the final HoH. The big episode is next Wednesday with the 90-minute finale to determine the winner.

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