After a week of intense drama and campaigning on the live feeds, the Big Brother 17 HGs decided to lighten the mood Wednesday night by hosting a prom and talent show. Everyone gathered in the living room, dressed up and ready to perform. However, Audrey stayed in bed and did not attend.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

With Audrey in bed and Jace going stag, the other 14 all paired up with dates, including two same-sex couples. They walked the red carpet, being interviewed by Da’Vonne, then segued into a talent show for the seven couples judged by Jace and the election of a Prom King and Queen.

Clay and Shelli: The only actual showmance of the season did a little dance, with Clay wearing his cowboy hat.

Jeff and Liz: They did a quick cheerleading routine.

Austin and Jason: The only all-male couple did a brief dance routine complete with the lift from the end of Dirty Dancing, where Jason almost went completely over Austin.

Steve and Jackie: Everyone gave Steve a handsome makeover with plenty of hair product, turning him into his sexy alter ego, Stefan. They danced for a bit.

John and Becky: They performed an informational (and sexy) comedy skit about dental hygiene.

James and Meg: They did a truly terrible magic act with disappearing legs behind a blanket.

Da’Vonne and Vanessa: The lone girl-girl couple did an interpretive dance of their journey to the house.

Jace: He went stag (Audrey stayed in bed and didn’t attend), so as the judge he ended the talent show by reciting a poem about how much he loves everyone in the house he’d been working on for his eviction speech.

Talent Show Winners: Jace chose John and Becky as the winners of the talent show for their funny sketch.

Prom King and Queen: Inspired by season 16, Da’Vonne picked two Skittles to decide the king and queen. Jeff and Meg were chosen and got their crowns.

It was a fun and harmless way to spend a Wednesday night on Big Brother 17, especially since they’re on an indoor lockdown until the HoH competition on Thursday night. After all of the scheming, lying, yelling and manipulation, it was nice to see almost all of the HGs having fun with each other.

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