Big Brother 16 keeps on going and, once again, the Bomb Squad runs the show. The alliance may have died in week 2, but like a zombie invasion, it never stays dead. Every week the members fight amongst themselves, turn on each other, but then they reunite and decide to evict another outsider.

This week, Donny and Nicole are on the block and one of them will join Hayden and Jocasta in the jury. We also get to see Christine, Caleb and Frankie’s NFL trip (which actually happened BEFORE the PoV ceremony) and it seems like we’ll be getting a zombie apocalypse HoH competition. Maybe CBS will do an aftershow hosted by Chris Hardwick.

BUT FIRST…this is Big Brother 16!

Julie Chen rubs it in that Nicole went from HoH to on the block. Yeah, good job, the twist helped the powerhouse alliance and hurt an outsider with no allies. Then Julie pretends that the Detonators are going to turn on each other soon.

After the PoV Ceremony

Following Nicole’s nomination, Christine is praying that the Detonators will not take her out. She and the other Bomb Squad members celebrate in the HoH room. Later, Nicole clears the air with Christine about what went down. Nicole says she wouldn’t have backdoored Christine and Christine puts all of the blame on the boys for pressuring her. Nicole cries because she knows the Detonators exist and are working together and there’s nothing she can do to stop it.

In the Have-Not room, Donny laments the fact that he’s left out of all the reindeer games that the young kids are playing. He and Zach bond, with Zach starting to feel sorry for the Beard.

Nicole cries to Victoria and throws serious shade at Christine, talking about how weird it is that she’s so handsy with Cody even though she’s married. Victoria starts to open her eyes that the guys are running this game and she could be next. It’s so cute when Victoria tries to think for herself, even though we all know that Derrick will put a stop to that almost immediately.

Nicole tries to campaign to Christine by throwing Donny under the bus, saying that his top targets are Christine and Cody. Christine starts to realize that she trusts Nicole a whole lot more than Donny, but the damage is done.

Cody claims that Donny has skated through this game and he’s scheming behind their backs. Um…Donny has won an HoH, a BotB and THREE PoVs while Cody has only won a single HoH. Cody needs to go punch himself in the face while he’s sleeping again. Cody takes his concerns about Donny to Derrick, who pretends to listen to him. This episode basically reveals that Cody is every bit as useless in this game as Victoria.

NFL Trip

Christine, Caleb and Frankie get to leave the house for a day to attend an NFL pre-season training camp with the Dallas Cowboys for winning the Battle of the Block. It’s just an excuse for CBS to promote Thursday Night Football. Caleb is the only one who fits in while Frankie shrieks and screams like the diva he is. It’s hilarious because it’s so obvious that Caleb is the only one of the three who knows who any of these football guys are.

Julie and the HGs

Caleb brags about how he knows some NFL football players, so meeting Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was the most exciting part of the trip. Victoria says the most surprising part of the week was all of the lies and the drama. Ha, Julie clearly wanted her to talk about Ariana Grande and she didn’t. Zach claims Frankie is his best friend in the house again.

The Vote

Nicole calls it an “amazing journey” and wishes them all the best of luck. Donny calls the other HGs his little brothers and sisters. I hate nice speeches.

Caleb votes to evict…Nicole
Zach votes to evict…Nicole
Cody votes to evict…Nicole
Victoria votes to evict…Nicole
Frankie votes to evict…Nicole (and once again hams it up to Julie)
Derrick votes to evict…Nicole (and claims that it’s for Team America)

Nicole is evicted 6-0!

That makes five unanimous votes this season (only seasons 12 and 15 had more). And it means Cody and Donny are the only remaining HGs who have ever voted against the house.

Nicole handles it gracefully. In her interview, Nicole tells us that she loves Donny. She feels betrayed by Christine and doesn’t think very highly of her as a person, but thinks it was a good move. She apologizes to the Ariana Grande fans for trying to get her brother out of the game. Nicole avoids the Hayden question.

Goodbye Messages: Christine wants to be friends with Nicole. Frankie acts like going against Nicole was the hardest part of the house. Derrick calls her the most intelligent person in the house. Donny wants to stay friends with her.

The HoH Competition

Last night the HGs saw zombies in the mirrors and got a bunch of warning messages about a zombie invasion (but Donny slept through a lot of them). Now they must answer questions about what they heard. It’s the fifth multiple-choice quiz HoH competition in a row, which is getting quite annoying. And once again, there will be two HoHs and a Battle of the Block competition. It’s the twist that never ends!

Question 1: Caleb is out
Question 2: Everyone is right
Question 3: Donny and Victoria are out
Question 4: Zach is out
Question 5: Everyone is right
Question 6: Everyone is right
Question 7: Everyone is wrong, but the game continues
Question 8: Cody is out

Derrick and Frankie win HoH!

Well, two members of Team America are HoH. Let’s see how they rationalize evicting Donny this week. Frankie freaks out as always and this makes his fourth time as HoH, which ties the all-time record in a single season (though there’s an asterisk due to this whole two HoH twist).

We also get a new Team America mission:

-Hide a favorite piece of clothing from each HG and form a neighborhood watch to stop it
-Keep another HG awake for 24 hours straight to weaken their game

Both are stupid, as is Team America.

Rachel Reilly

As if Frankie winning HoH isn’t bad enough, now Rachel shows up to give her thoughts on the season. Her annoying and nasal voice complains about how the girls are so pathetic this season and are just latching onto the boys. Then she screams that she loves Zankie and hopes that they are friends forever. She thinks Derrick will win and maybe Caleb would beat him. She wants Nicole to come back to take out the Detonators and go after the boys. That’s just utter nonsense.

Julie Chen adds that this week, Zingbot returns, the Battle of the Block twist will end and, next Thursday, one of the first four jurors will return to the house.

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