Big Brother 16 is almost over, and on Wednesday Derrick will be named the winner. Well, I suppose Cody and Victoria could theoretically win, but we all know Derrick has it in the bag. But they still have to play the final competitions, and now it’s all over until finale night.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Cody won part 1 of the final HoH.

Derrick won part 2 of the final HoH!

This should hardly come as a surprise considering the fact that he was competing against Victoria. Now the Hitmen will go head-to-head on finale night to decide who will be the last HoH of the season.

The competition involved the HGs grab placards on a wall and place them in the correct order of the final nominees of every eviction vote (so 28 total names for all 14 evictions). They had to fly around and both Derrick and Victoria got it on the first try, but Derrick finished in about 15 minutes while it took Victoria 30 minutes. At least it’s not as bad as season 10, when Memphis beat Jerry in the second part of the final HoH in a battle of 8 minutes vs. 51 minutes.

There’s an interesting and almost confusing dynamic in the house right now. All three of them know that, if Cody wins the final HoH, he will take Derrick to the end and evict Victoria. Derrick, meanwhile, is continuing to tell both Cody and Victoria that he will take them to the end and evict the other person if he wins the final HoH. I’m not sure who he’s lying to and who he’s telling the truth to, but we know that it doesn’t matter because he’d beat either of them in the finale.

We all assume Derrick will win the game, and I have no doubt he will, but I suppose it’s possible Cody could make an argument at the end. If he wins the last HoH, he can say he won three HoHs and three PoVs while Derrick has only won four HoHs.

If you look at the actual competitions, Derrick’s wins aren’t very impressive. He won the random Underwater Polo HoH in week 3, where he got to go last, which helped him figure out what to do based on the previous players’ mistakes. He won the zombie HoH with Frankie and then got dethroned. He won the second double eviction HoH by answering just one question right. And then he won the Final 4 HoH where he only had to compete against Cody and Victoria.

By comparison, Cody’s HoHs involved skill (Deviled Eggs in week 4 with Frankie), intelligence (the boxing competition having to remember the days that events happened) and physical strength (part 1 of the final HoH). And he won the Stay/Fold PoV, plus the repeat of face-morphing and the last PoV remembering things that happened.

On paper, if you only care about competitions, Cody’s victories are more impressive than Derrick’s. Since the Hitmen started on day 2, Cody could argue that they both played the same strategic game all season long, thus making it about who won more competitions and who made bigger moves. I’m not saying Cody deserves to beat Derrick, just that I could imagine an argument being made, if Cody is smart enough to make it.

Before part 2 was over, Big Brother: After Dark came on, with Cody alone in the HoH room. We saw him talking out loud about jury votes if he’s sitting next to Derrick at the end, and he seemed to start to realize that it will be hard and maybe impossible to beat Derrick. But instead of even considering taking Victoria, he still plans to take Derrick and hope that he can maybe sway some of the jurors to his side with his speech. However, his speech seems to focus on his social game, and working on Christine and Hayden to get them to align with him and Derrick.


-Since Victoria can’t win the last HoH, this technically marks the 10th time she has been nominated, a new all-time record. She beats season 15’s Spencer Clawson, who had nine nominations, including at the Final 3.

-This is Victoria’s sixth consecutive nomination, a new record. It will also be the fifth time she is eligible to be evicted. Only seven other people have ever faced five possible evictions.

-By winning part 2, this means Derrick will make it to Day 97, finale night, without being nominated. If he wins part 3, he will be the first HG never to be nominated and only the third person to reach the Final 2 without ever facing a possible eviction, the others being season 4’s Allison Irwin and season 5’s Drew Daniel.

-The winner of part 2 has only gone on to win part 3 in just five out of 14 seasons. However, it has happened the last two years in a row.

-However, eight of the 14 people who won part 2 have gone on to win the entire game. Four of them have finished in second place and two of them were eliminated in third (season 3’s Jason Guy and season 6’s Janelle Pierzina).

-In 10 out of 14 seasons, the winners of the first two parts of the final HoH were also the Final 2. Seasons 3, 6, 8 and 11 are the only exceptions.

-In 10 out of 14 seasons, the winner of the final HoH also won the game. It has happened that way for the last six seasons in a row. Seasons 2, 4, 6 and 9 are the only exceptions.

-Men have now won both parts of the final HoH seven times. Women won both parts three times and it was split by gender the other five times.

-Men have won the second part of the final HoH 11 out of 15 times.

-Maggie Ausburn from season 6 is the only person to win the game without winning any part of the final HoH.

-Victoria is now officially one of only five people to finish in the Final 3 without ever winning an HoH competition. The others are season 2’s Dr. Will Kirby (who won), season 5’s Michael “Cowboy” Ellis (second place), season 10’s Robert “Memphis” Garrett (second place) and season 12’s Enzo Palumbo (third place).

-Derrick is one of only five people to finish in the Final 3 without ever winning a PoV competition. The others are season 9’s Sheila Kennedy (third place), season 11’s Natalie Martinez (second place), season 12’s Lane Elenburg (second place) and season 15’s GinaMarie Zimmerman (second place).

-Since the PoV was introduced in season 3, Victoria is only the sixth person to finish in the Final 3 while only winning one HoH or PoV competition. The others are season 5’s Cowboy, season 9’s Sheila, season 11’s Natalie and season 12’s Lane and Enzo.

-In 10 out of the first 15 seasons, the older HG in the Final 2 has lost to the younger HG. The only exceptions were in seasons 4, 6, 8, 9 and 13.

-If Cody wins, he will be the first person to win the game with three PoVs and the first 23-year-old to ever win (past winners have been 21, 22 and 24-29).

-If Derrick wins, he will be the first person to win the game with no PoVs and he will become only the third person older than 30 to win, following season 7’s Mike “Boogie” Malin and season 8’s Evel Dick Donato.

-If Victoria wins, she will be the first female to beat a male in the finale. She will also be the first person ever to win the game with just one HoH or PoV competition victory and she would be the youngest female winner ever, beating season 11’s Jordan Lloyd by six months.

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