When Hell’s Kitchen started last week, my first thought was that the women were acting so strong again! How quickly was I proven wrong, though! Neither team is strong and neither team knows how to cooperate. Somehow I think this season has more bad cooks than excellent chefs.

Dorm Life

Life in the dorms can be calm or explosive. Since Sterling has already gotten on the Blue Team’s nerves, I expect explosions. Sterling doesn’t let me down, since he just can’t seem to slow down. He’s determined to make himself known, but both Fernando and Steve aren’t impressed.

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Ramsay’s Challenge

This morning Ramsay has a new challenge for them. Realizing the teams can’t communicate, he has a challenge in store that will make them talk to each other. Making Denine and Sterling think they are history, Ramsay turns the table on all chefs by giving them new jackets.

The men understand that they must rely on their team to help them understand the recipe, so there is communication and talking throughout the room. The Red Team shuts down and no one seems to be helping each other. In the end, this lack of communication shows as the Blue Team beats the Red Team six to four. It comes down to some surprising team work as Sterling and Steve find a way to communicate. Fernando brings the winning dish to the pass as Roe doesn’t even know what she’s made.

The men will be zip lining over Venice Beach Broadway and enjoying an expensive meal of Maine lobster and truffles as the women prep the kitchens for the night service. To add insult to injury, the ladies must fetch the coffee delivery and grind it by hand. While that might look like an easy punishment (and I say “not“), Ramsay decides they must prep the kitchens for dinner service that night.

While the men have a wonderful time, the ladies see Dennie s not happening. As Denine starts prepping hot appetizers, she also starts a fire.The men arrive back relaxed while the ladies are still struggling. They bond over a prayer to help them before returning to the kitchen to face Ramsay.

Dinner Service

Ramsay tells the teams to communicate and Marino goes to open the restaurant for another dinner service. Tonight Windy Williams is among the guests who will enjoy their dinner and a special dinner side service by Fernando and Roe.

The Blue Team gets off to a fast start with Sterling receiving kudos for his scallops. Meanwhile the Red Team members are talking but not necessarily to Dennie. Roe and Fernando are working the floor with Roe getting Wendy William’s table. I hope Roe is ready for a fight as Wendy thinks Roe has set fire to her hair!

The Blue Team moves on to entrees and now they’re breaking down. While they are talking, Frank has completely lost his touch with garnish. Now Bryant has served halibut raw. Ramsay calls the team into the storage room for a talk. When they all want to add out behind Ramsay, he shuts the door for them to regroup.

The Red Team is also ready to start entrees but why are they standing around? Don’t they know that Ramsay wants to see the team working together? Evidently they didn’t get the menu because after he calls the order, they shut down when Denine has trouble with the lamb. In fact, both Jennifer and Ashley seem to celebrate her troubles. I guess they don’t realize that a team must work together. Ashley admits that she’s glad the meat station went down in flames. Oh man.

The Blue Team is ready with their second attempt, but Bryan is still struggling. When the fish is still wrong, Ramsay banishes not only Bryant, but Sterling as well, to the dorms. Next out for the Blue Team is Frank who still is having problems.

The Red Team has even more problems when Wendy Williams comes into the kitchen. When the salmon is raw and the chicken dry, Ramsay puts the customers out of their misery by banishing the Red Team to the kitchen. The Blue Team realizes they are gone and knows they must step it up. Even with a smaller squad, they manage to serve all their entrees and win the service.

The Aftermath

Andi calls the Red Team to the kitchen and Ramsay is disgusted. He asks if the first service was a fluke and the ladies tell him no.They must come up with two nominees and we know that Denine will be one of them. They can’t seem to decide on the second. Will it be Kalen, Ashley or La Tasha?

When they return to the restaurant, Ramsay tells them that he is shocked that half the restaurant did not get fed. He asks for the nominees, which are Kalen and Denine. The Red Team felt that Kalen was behind all night and Denine couldn’t cook pork. Both make their case and it looks like Denine’s is stronger, but Kalen makes a final push. Ramsay sends Denine home. I’m sure many in the team want to cheer as Denine walks out of the door.

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The Dorms

Blue Team is going to step it up and shine. The Red Team is defeated and seems to have morale problem. Suddenly, Jen passes out and the rest try to revive her. As sirens sound and rush to the dorms, we get “to be continued.”

Next Week:

Will the Red Team be a member short? Will one member completely shut the team down during dinner service? Can the Blue Team stay strong as a group or will the new unholy alliance bring them down? As we see fire break out, we realize none of our questions will be answered. We’ll have to wait a week for another wild night in Hell’s Kitchen.

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