The Big Brother 16 house has been fairly dull.  Almost every week we get unanimous votes, with everyone being on the same page. But this week, everything changed late Wednesday night, and it’s going to lead to a truly explosive live double eviction.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Zach is NOT going to be evicted. Yes, you read that right.

Zach’s demise was certain up until Wednesday evening, but that’s when things flipped. Derrick and Cody decided that Hayden and Nicole were playing them and trying to use them to take out the original Bomb Squad. Instead, they somehow reunited the Detonators and are now planning to save Zach.

Derrick and Cody decided to tell Christine and Frankie everything that has happened this week. It started with just Cody and Christine as he told her about how Nicole told him and Derrick everything Christine said this week and how Frankie and her are their next targets. Christine was genuinely shocked, and you could tell from her face that she had no idea she was being played. She simultaneously had respect for Nicole’s game and glee that Cody just saved her.

Frankie joined them and was positively giddy when he learned Zach was staying, and eventually Derrick arrived to solidify the fact that the Detonators are back, stronger than ever, and that they, along with Caleb, will vote to keep Zach.

Derrick doesn’t seem to care anymore about battle lines being drawn. He knows that evicting Jocasta will mean that Hayden, Nicole and Donny (and possibly Victoria) will be working against the six remaining original members of the Bomb Squad. He mentioned that now it’s a matter of winning competitions, as he knows that two of them will absolutely be nominated if the other side wins HoH.

One night before a live double eviction, things are sure to explode. Zach is confident he’s staying, but has no idea how close he came to being evicted. All of the other Detonators told Hayden and Nicole that Zach came to them on Monday night and tried to start an alliance called the Detonators, preemptively preventing Zach’s potential blow-up after his eviction.

It’s now a full-blown war and the HoH competition at the double eviction will be crucial. If any of the Bomb Squad members win, the primary targets are Donny and Nicole since they are viewed as the brains of the rebel alliance.

This is definitely the worst-case scenario for Hayden and Nicole. I think they were genuinely loyal to the Rationale, but Cody and Derrick never fully trusted them and now they’ve completely blown up Haycole’s game. Christine now knows she was being played all week long.

This massive flip means that Cody just single-handedly saved Christine and Frankie’s games while decimating Hayden, Nicole and Donny. And Zach somehow managed to sleep his way through an entire week where he was safe, going home and then safe again.

UPDATE: After 1am, Frankie, Caleb and Derrick informed Zach about how they’re keeping him and Hayden and Nicole tried to flip the vote against him. They certainly glossed over a lot of the actual events, mainly the part where they were all actually going to vote out Zach up until a few hours earlier.

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