Following the second double eviction of Big Brother 16, viewers went 12 whole days without anyone going to the jury. Now we get two in two days, and tonight the Final 3 are revealed.

A lot of people have drawn comparisons between Derrick and Dan Gheesling, but what I’ve realized is that the comparisons between seasons 16 and 10 run much deeper. Derrick and Cody, the Hitmen, are a lot like Dan and Memphis, the Renegades, with Cody as the loyal sidekick who’s great at winning PoV competitions. Victoria is their Jerry, the old man who was dragged to the end because the young guys knew it would be very easy to beat him in the final HoH competition. And that leaves Frankie and Caleb as Renny and Keesha, the strong duo who were very close, but got duped by the boys.

Tonight we’ll see the PoV and one last eviction before the three-part final HoH competition begins. The finale is one week away when we’ll find out who wins…oh, who am I kidding, we all know Derrick is going to win the game no matter what. We’ve known that since week 2, when he used his Jedi mind trick to convince Caleb to keep Zach and turn on Devin. The predictable evictions were bad enough, but knowing exactly who’s going to win since week 2 is extremely boring.

BUT FIRST…this is Big Brother 16!

Frankie’s Last Ego Trip

Before Frankie’s eviction, we see that Derrick told him he was going. The guys all sat him down and explained that he’s the best player in the game and no one can beat him in the end. Frankie then says that when he leaves, he will reconnect with his fans and sway the jury, so he will single-handedly decide who will win the game. The guys all call him out for being insane because they don’t believe he’s that good.

Caleb says that he would beat Frankie in the end and Frankie says that would never happen. I’m glad we get to see one last look at how awful Frankie is.

Derrick’s HoH

Derrick gets some Hollas from his baby daughter and his wife. We get it, Derrick is an amazing human being, but I feel like the show is beating us over the head with it at this point.

Derrick once again plays his HoH neutral, but it works this time because his nominations truly don’t matter at all, it’s all about the PoV. He pretends to let Cody and Caleb make the decision. Cody doesn’t want to be nominated and Caleb doesn’t care, so it’s done. Seriously, has Derrick EVER made his own nominations? It’s always about the house or the Skittles or Cody.

Derrick convinces Victoria that they’re good, he convinces Cody to evict Caleb and promises Caleb that Derrick will save him if he wins the Power of Veto, which he obviously won’t try to win at all. I hate that these three idiots are so oblivious to the game that they’d be swayed by anything Derrick says at this point.

Derrick nominates Caleb and Victoria. None of this matters, except to the three morons who don’t know the game. Victoria thinks she’s a genius, manipulating the boys, while Caleb thinks Victoria is doomed no matter what. I honestly think this Final 4 diminishes Derrick’s inevitable win, because beating these people at the game is like Lebron James dunking against a middle school basketball team.

Beastmode Filler

Caleb talks about being a movie star, singer and fitness model once he gets out of the house. His idiocy leads to a segment about Caleb’s family. His mom and dad talk about how he always boasts and brags, beating everyone’s stories. His dad claims that there actually is a degree of truth to almost everything he says. It’s sad that, in this Final 4, we have two HGs who are edited to be total jokes. His mom says that trusting Derrick and Cody is a mistake and that Frankie would’ve taken him to the end. She also thinks Caleb’s best bet is to be at the end with Victoria.

The Final Power of Veto Competition

The competition is inspired by Stalker, yet another CBS tie-in. It also has a detective theme, which is perfect for Derrick. It’s a giant puzzle with clues about former HGs and they must match the photos to the information.

Derrick admits that he has absolutely no reason to win this competition, so he throws it. It’s smart, but frustrating how his entire game is based on not making moves. He shirks all responsibility, and the editors are working overtime to make him look good by showing the other three all talking about how Derrick has their backs.

Cody buzzes in first, but he’s wrong. Then Victoria buzzes in and gets half of them wrong. Derrick really wants to win a PoV, especially a cop one, but he knows winning is bad for his game.

Cody wins the Power of Veto!

The Hitmen are both in the Final 3 and Caleb is confident that Victoria is going to be evicted. Derrick is just happy that Cody has to get the blood on his hands tonight and will be blamed for it in the jury house. Part of me hopes this backfires and people actually respect that Cody did things while Derrick avoided all responsibility.

Afterwards, Caleb celebrates with the boys. He’s genuinely delusional enough to believe that these boys have his back and will stay loyal. He thinks Frankie was evicted because he wasn’t loyal, not because he was a threat. Cody hilariously says the same thing Caleb said to Nicole, that his words are falling on deaf ears. They only used him to get rid of Frankie, which even Cody admits Caleb should NOT have done.

I’m starting to feel badly for Caleb. It’s like the Hitmen are sending a mentally-challenged man-child to the electric chair. But then I remember when Caleb talked about brutally murdering hogs with sticks, and I think: Karma.

The Eviction

Julie Chen starts talking to the HGs, but they can’t hear her. Chenbot malfunction! When the technical difficulties are worked out, she tells them the finale is next Wednesday.

Victoria says that she loves this game, even though she’d never seen it before. She says she’ll respect whatever Cody does as long as it’s best for his game.

Caleb thanks God and the troops. He talks about loyalty and says “At the end of the day” twice. It’s quite convincing.

Cody tells everyone that he made a Final 2 deal with Derrick on Day 2 called the Hitmen and his decision is to ensure that the Hitmen are the Final 2. So both of the people in the Final 3 are so in love with Derrick they’re falling over themselves to give him the win.

Cody evicts…Caleb!

Caleb tells Julie that he’s actually more upset with Derrick for lying to him all this time because he trusted him more. Ooh, Cody’s speech was brilliant, because he somehow threw all of the blood onto Derrick’s hands. That makes me respect him a bit.

Caleb says he’s not the brightest crayon in the box and that he doesn’t regret evicting Frankie. He says that Frankie tooted his own horn at the end and that was an ugly character trait. Ha, even Caleb sees how awful Frankie is!

Goodbye Messages: Derrick tries to say that his relationship with Caleb was real while Cody’s message reveals that he planned the Hitmen revelation in his speech. Damn, Cody is coming on strong. Could he somehow beat out Derrick in a Final 2 speech? Especially if he’s willing to be open and honest while Derrick tries to act nice and pretend that he didn’t betray everyone.

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On Friday there’s a special episode with part 1 of the final HoH and next Wednesday, it’s the finale of Big Brother 16 at 9:30pm.

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