After a long, slow season of Big Brother 16 and a week that didn’t matter thanks to the Rewind Button, things are about to move a lot quicker. Tonight we get the Final 5 Power of Veto competition and eviction plus the Final 4 HoH and tomorrow there’s another PoV comp and another eviction.

This is the episode we’ve been waiting for, with a redo of the face-morphing competition (but this time, everyone has been studying very hard) and the eviction of one of the most hated HGs in the history of the show. It’s hard not to be happy.

BUT FIRST…this is Big Brother 16!

Even the voiceover guy refers to Frankie as “Ariana’s brother.” Awesome.

Frankie’s Freakout

After the nominations, Frankie is upset. I know he’s a big target, but this is only his second nomination of the season. Victoria has been nominated eight times (thrice by Frankie), and after all the people he’s put on the block (Brittany, Amber, Jocasta, Zach, Caleb, Cody) he should handle this better. How many times has he told people “It’s just a game”? Victoria may be awful at this game. Heck, she’s not even playing it. But she has handled being the permanent pawn as well as Spencer did last season.

Frankie feels betrayed because he’s a big glittery target. Caleb wants to take a shot at hime before Frankie can take a shot at him, as if Caleb is really Frankie’s top target. Victoria gloats to us about making the Final 4. Caleb explains that Cody was the pawn last week and it’s not fair to nominate Derrick because he didn’t get to play for the PoV.

Frankie acts like being on the block is a test. Caleb overshares about the worry of Frankie saving Victoria if he was off the block and won the PoV. He throws Derrick and Cody under the bus and Frankie keeps whining about how they’re conspiring against him after everything he’s done for them. Yeah, I’m sure Christine felt the same way.

When Cody and Derrick learn what Caleb told Frankie, they’re furious that he’s so stupid and keeps talking. Frankie gloats to us that everyone is just scared of him. Seriously, do any of these people understand how this game is supposed to work? Of course you take out your biggest threats to winning the game!

Team America

Julie Chen tells us that Team America is over. However, Frankie and Derrick get one last reward. If either of them wins the game, they get an extra $50,000. What the hell is the point of this? Why are the producers so eager to give Derrick so much money? Is the $20,000 from missions, the $5,000 with the Hollas and the $500,000 he’s guaranteed for winning not enough? If there’s also a vote for Fan Favorite, I hope the three members of Team America are all ineligible since they’ve already been handed all of this extra money for no real reason.

The Power of Veto Competition

The Final 5 all study the memory wall because they know the competition will be a repeat of the face-morphing. This time the competition works differently. There are still six photos, but the last one has two faces, each with three HGs. But this time, the first HG sets a time and the others will have to compete against that time. If they don’t beat it, they are automatically eliminated and everyone who is done gets to watch the rest of the competition.

Cody goes first and finishes in 2 minutes and 21 seconds. That’s amazingly fast, but he doesn’t think it’s good enough.

Caleb goes second and forgets to clear the board after the first round, so he’s eliminated during the fifth photo.

Victoria is eliminated during the fourth photo.

Frankie gets frazzled on the second photo and gets eliminated on the third photo.

Derrick goes last and thinks Frankie set the leading time. Derrick reaches the last photo with 30 seconds to go, but he doesn’t finish it.

Cody wins the Power of Veto!

So basically, Derrick finished second and Caleb finished third (just like last time), but Victoria moved up to fourth and Frankie went from first to worst.

Frankie throws Derrick under the bus in his PoV speech, saying if he’s saved, Derrick goes up which is good because Derrick has NEVER been nominated. Obviously Cody doesn’t use the Power of Veto because he wants Frankie gone.

Frankie’s campaigning tactic is to preach about honor and loyalty over greed. Dude, this is a freaking GAME! You stabbed Zach, your best friend, in the back and threw him under the bus several times to win money for Team America. Hearing Frankie gloat about how the boys will be judged by America is hilarious. He says he’d go after Caleb if he stays, but at this point, Derrick and Cody are pretty confident that they can beat Caleb on their own.

The Vote

Victoria says she fought really hard to get this far in the game. The audience literally laughs. Frankie goes on about his family and says that he shined bright like a Frankie and knew he’d be a huge target if he played to his full abilities. He also says he’s kept everyone safe. It’s a whole lot of grandstanding. I’m actually happy he’s never been on the block if this is the kind of stuff we would have gotten.

Cody votes to evict…Frankie
Derrick votes to evict…Frankie

Derrick still sucks up to the viewers, claiming that it’s been a pleasure being on Team America with him.

Frankie is evicted 2-0!

Before leaving, Frankie tells Caleb that Frankie was the real king, Victoria needs to try and win something, Derrick is the only responsible adult and he’s had better than Cody. He gets a loud applause, which is total bullcrap because this eviction was pre-taped and they probably got a special audience to cheer even though he’s completely hated.

Frankie gloats about how he’s incapable of not winning things. He goes on about how he didn’t want to compromise his values as a person and he was playing for charity. He respects Derrick because he’s playing for his family, but he also puts all of the blame on Derrick for evicting Donny.

He asks how Ariana’s album is doing and Julie refuses to answer because he’s not allowed to get outside information. This interview is so freaking self-righteous and self-important.

Goodbye Messages: Cody didn’t want to sit next to Frankie at the end because they played the same social game, but Frankie won twice as many comps. All of the messages are about how great Frankie is and how he would have won if he made it to the end.

Ugh, he gets more loud applause and thanks the audience. This is so unfortunate, because he has no idea how much hate he’s actually getting. This is not an accurate representation of the overall reaction to him on this show.

Fan Favorite

Despite all of the Team America money, there’s still going to be a vote for Fan Favorite to get $25,000. Oh great, and it comes right after an interview where Frankie got treated like a freaking king. I hope to God he doesn’t win and his family’s shameless tweeting doesn’t work. I want to vote for Zach since Donny already won $15,000 on Team America, but I don’t want to split the vote. So instead, I’m voting 20 times a day, every day, for Donny, and I hope you all do too. That’s the best way to ensure that Frankie DOESN’T win, which is all I really care about.

The HoH Competition

Cody, Derrick and Victoria compete in the standard Before and After quiz. This is almost always the Final 4 HoH. There are seven questions, and the person with the most points wins.

Question 1: Everyone is right
Question 2: Everyone is right
Question 3: Victoria and Cody are right
Question 4: Everyone is right
Question 5: Cody and Derrick are right
Question 6: Cody and Derrick are right
Question 7: Derrick is right

Derrick and Cody are tied, so it goes to a tie-breaker.

Tie-Breaker: How many seconds was the luxury competition from the start to Hayden winning?

Derrick: 420
Cody: 680

The correct answer is 468.

Derrick wins the HoH competition!

Well, Derrick has now matched the accomplishment of season 3’s Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy, making it to the Final 3 without ever being nominated. This is his fourth HoH, meaning he, Cody and Caleb have all won four HoH/PoV comps each.

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