After a night filled with quality performances, it’s time to find out which five acts are about to join the semifinals of America’s Got Talent. And I expect the unexpected, which likely isn’t a good thing.

Unlike the first two sets of quarterfinalists, which were fairly easy to predict, this third group of 12 is wrought with potential upsets. Some may say the choice is difficult because all the acts were just so darn good, and maybe it’s the pessimist in me, but I’m going the opposite route.

The reason things are so close is because the elite-level talents who could have distanced themselves from the pack failed to live up to their potential, and thus America’s reprehensible love of emotional backstories, bad magicians, overcoming adversity, women who have even the remotest possibility of being funny and, worst of all, gulp, children stands to get in the way of what is just and right.

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As it were, the Sons of Serendip, in my humble opinion, is the only act that delivered unquestionably unfettered results. It would be an unspeakable travesty were they not to advance, and if you didn’t feel something when they performed, well, you need to listen to a Boyz II Men album while crying in a tepid bath all through high school. 

Even Blue Journey, which is a deserving lock to move on, fell short of what was expected. Sure, it was visually stunning, but without a lucid and coherent story, there is much room to improve on.

Outside of those two, I think everything else is up in the air.

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If it were up to me, which sadly it is not (don’t you want an “everyman” judge, AGT? I’d be GREAT!), Christian Stoinev, AcroArmy and Paul Ieti would be joining the semifinalists. But the hand balance picked cutesy animal tricks over really serous Cirque-type stuff, AcroArmy lacked a big finishing move and our Army crooner, even with the pimp spot, had a couple rough notes and didn’t quite match the vocal prowess delivered during Judgment Week.

And that leaves the door open for the rest, namely Adrian Romoff (I recognize now that his messed-up notes were clearly the result of his glasses falling off), Wendy Liebman, Anna Clendening and Mike Super. I think it’s safe to say Dragon House and the Makepeace brothers are headed home, but even YouTube/Today Show sneak-ins Cornell Bhangra could make a run. 

I mean, plenty of people love Boythoven, mistaking his deep-rooted conceit for totes adorbity. Supes has a following (and Desmond will murder you in your sleep if you don’t vote for him), while the judges heaped praise on the Liebs like they were coal shovelers trying to keep the Titanic afloat. And if it’s not the American dream to ride the coattails of your mental disorders to fame and fortune, then the Kardashians are terrible idols. 

So my point is that anything can happen tonight, and we can only hope the losers will join Flight Crew Jump Rope as judges’ picks in the semifinals. But they’ll probably go in a different direction and bring back Juan Carlos. Now on to the show!

As always, the blog is live, so keep those comments coming at the bottom! Let’s experience the very human emotions of joy and outrage as a collective. And yes, I’m writing this blog in a tepid bath. 

The Live Blog Starts Now

After an hour-long recap of Tuesday night’s performances, followed by a one-minute recap of the recap show, Nick Cannon goes back to his fancy purple pajama tux to welcome us to the alumni week results show. Taylor Williamson and Kenichi Ebina are in the house, and they’ll likely be the highlight.

The judges are all business, with Mel B’s uncovered arms and a tiny bit of Heidichest, the only non-face skin we’re exposed to tonight. Then it’s time for a six-minute recap of the one-minute recap of the hour-long recap of Tuesday night’s two-hour show. Though this time, we’re treated to the judges’ commentary during the performances, as well as some Reddi-Whip banter. It’s all highlighted by Heidi Klum humming along to “Chopsticks,” Scooby taking a nap on Christian’s lap and Paul calling his mom.

Now get your stopwatches ready, because it’s time for the first results. Nick’s mohawk summons Cornell Bhangra and Sons of Serendip, and after an astounding 29-second pause of suspense…

Sons of Serendip are in the semifinals

Whew. Thank goodness that is out of the way. 

More Results and an Awkward Blast From the Past

After more filler from the Reddi-Whip after party, it’s time for two more eliminations. Nick calls Blue Journey, Kieran and Finian Makepeace and Dragon House to center stage. Gee, I wonder what’s going to happen here.

Blue Journey is in the semifinals

I like that they’re getting the obvious stuff out of the way first. This is exactly what I predicted thus far. 

It is now Taylor Time, and I’m very interested to see what he has in store after a year of polish. I was hit or miss on him last season, because I thought success and confidence had a negative impact on his downtrodden and socially-inept persona. He’d be wise to lean heavily on his back-and-forth with Heidi, which was a key moment that helped propel him to the finale. 

After a brief interview with Scooby backstage, Nick introduces a segment where viewers were able to interact directly with the judges. The first woman asks Heidi and Mel what it’s like to sit between Howie and Howard. The answer is apparently an annoying sandwich.

A huge Mel fan asks exactly what “off the chain” means, and the answer to that waste-of-an-opportunity question is exactly what you think. Then Al Roker joins the party and asks Howard what he’s done for the people as the King of All Media. Stern tells him to eat a sandwich, and Howie notices that Al has a giant corded phone in his home. Howard calls his house a dump, and we’re all a little bit dumber for having witnessed it. 

Is it finally time for Taylor? Nope, more results! Paul Ieti and Anna Clendening are in the hot seat, and this one could be a barn burner. As in there is actually enough time to burn down a bard during Nick’s pause before announcing who is moving on.

Paul Ieti is in the semifinals

And Anna Clendening immediately joins Flight Crew Jump Rope, the Willis Clan and Acte II as the present favorites for the wildcard spots. Paul humbly dedicates the win to his parents.

Taylor Time, For Reals

Taylor is apparently booking gigs all over the country now, and he’s also dating Heidi Klum. Though he still can’t open the pickle jar for her. So she uses a hammer. The little skit is cute, playing up Heidi’s supermodel lifestyle and Taylor’s high level of nerditity. It finally ends with a proposal and kiss before Heidi wakes up from her terrible nightmare. It went on a bit too long, but it’s better than a Ford commercial. 

Nick pawns off a Snapple cup signed by all the judges, and I guess Taylor isn’t actually performing? That skit is really all we’re going to get? What a rip-off! You can’t let the stand-up comic do a set? Weaksauce.

Kenichi Ebina!

Kenichi is totally the man. Love this dude. He says the biggest change since his win — which includes performing all over the world — is how much his rent has gone up. Then he introduces a Dance with Kenichi app that will teach you all his best moves.

For his performance, he interacts and dances with a Howie-costumed Kenichi projection, then fights him to save Heidi. It was short, but a great reminder of why this guy won it all. He’d take it again over all the acts this season, too.

Who Advances Next?

Two spots left with five hopefuls. Next up is Christian Stoinev, Scooby and Wendy Liebman, and could America really be four for four? 

The wonderfully humble and appreciative Christian Stoinev is in the semifinals

That means it’s down to AcroArmy, Adrian Romoff and Mike Super for the final spot, and the judges will be making the decision. I’m guessing Mike Super goes, and the judges play with their pianist. 

Adrian Romoff is eliminated

Wow, didn’t see that coming. Romoff is definitely a wildcard candidate, and I’d be shocked if we didn’t see him again. As we break for commercial while the judges deliberate, I don’t see how AcroArmy doesn’t make it.

The judges all loved the acrobats, and Mike Super’s act had clear flaws, namely Desmond. This seems like a no brainer, and it would mark the first time in my life I ever accurately predicted five things consecutively. So this is as big a day for me as it is the advancing acts. Let’s go AcroArmy! Make me perfect!

Foiled Again?

It’s all up to the judges, and Heidi kicks things off with a vote for AcroArmy. Howie disagrees with Howard and loves Desmond, and apparently the ghoul was trending, so he’s picking Supes. Mel B casts her vote for AcroArmy, and Howard prefaces his choice by telling Mike to ditch Desmond. Then he confidently declares me to be perfect AcroArmy as the fifth and final semifinalist. 

AcroArmy is in the semifinals

Go me AcroArmy!

So in the end, the upsets I feared did not come to fruition, and I think America and the judges (and meeeee) got it perfectly right for once. Do you agree or disagree? Who do you think should have moved on, and which semifinalist should’ve been sent packing in his or her place? 

Our final group of 12 take the stage next week, and set to perform are: Bad Boys of Ballet, Kelli Glover, Dom the Bomb’s Triple Threat, Emil and Dariel, Nina Burri, Quintavious Johnson, Extreme, Jonah Smith, Mothman Dance, Jonatan Riquelme, Smoothini and the One Voice Children’s Choir. 

If I had to guess, I’d say Quintavious, Smoothini, Kelli Glover and Emil and Dariel are the favorites. Who are you most looking forward to seeing again? And who is your favorite overall at this point?

Be sure to tune in next week and watch the final group of quarterfinalists live alongside BuddyTV. We love ya. We need ya. And we like to double team your midweek entertainment. See you then!

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