The 90-minute finale of Big Brother 16 is almost here, but who will win? Oh, who am I kidding, you all know who’s going to win. I know who’s going to win. Julie Chen and the producers know who’s going to win. The only real question is whether it will be unanimous.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Cody won part 1 of the final HoH. Derrick won part 2.

The two have made it as clear as possible to Victoria that, no matter which of them wins the final part of the HoH, they will take each other to the end and evict her. It would require an act of God for Victoria to be in the Final 2.

That leaves Cody vs. Derrick, the Hitmen Final 2 that we’ve known was coming for a long time. They’ve dominated the game and have essentially never been nominated. Cody was nominated twice, but the first time was by a random drawing of Skittles and the second time came during the Rewind Week, so it’s like it never happened. Derrick, meanwhile, has never been nominated.

If Derrick wins the final part of the HoH, he will become the first HG in history to reach the end without ever being nominated. It’s hard to imagine that wouldn’t instantly earn him a unanimous vote from the jury. But even if Cody wins, this will be the third season in a row in which both HGs in the Final 2 did not receive a single eviction vote against them all season.

Could Cody Win?

I might as well try to imagine a scenario in which Cody wins. First, it would require him to win the final part of the HoH and take Derrick to the end. In 10 out of 14 seasons, including the last six in a row, the person who wins the last HoH also wins the game.

For Cody to win, he’d also gave to focus on competitions. If he wins, that will give him three HoHs and three PoVs, as opposed to Derrick’s four HoHs (and in one he was dethroned).

He also needs to hope that Derrick screws up in the final speeches to the jury. Derrick has hinted that he might expose his big secret, that he’s an undercover cop, during the finale. That could either impress them or make the jury so angry that he was lying the whole time that they turn on him.

It will also depend on whether Derrick is willing to take credit for his actions. He’s spent the entire game trying to appear weak, talking himself down and shying away from any praise, whether it’s Donny accusing him of being the mastermind of the season or Nicole comparing him to Dan Gheesling. If Cody is willing to take responsibility for betraying people but Derrick isn’t, that could also sway them.

It’s certainly a long shot, and Cody would need several things to all go his way, but I suppose he has a shot.

Will It Be a Unanimous Vote?

Of course I doubt things will go Cody’s way and Derrick should win the game. The only question is whether he will get a unanimous jury vote, tying Dan in season 10’s perfect game. Let’s look at the jurors:

Jocasta: Derrick prayed with her all the time while she never had much of a connection with Cody, so I suspect her vote will go to the dad.

Hayden: He seems to hate Cody the most, so his vote should go to Derrick.

Nicole: She thinks Derrick is the second coming of Dan, so he has her vote.

Zach: He already promised his vote to Derrick.

Frankie: He wants people to like him, so he’ll vote for the other member of Team America.

Victoria: Unless she pulls a Topaz from Big Brother Canada 1 (who accidentally voted for the wrong person in the finale because she didn’t understand the rules), Victoria will always vote for Derrick.

Christine: She may have been close to Cody, but after those boos, I suspect she’ll want to avoid the appearance of favoritism and vote against him.

Donny: He knows Derrick played a better game, but I think he feels betrayed by him and could think that Team America gave him an unfair advantage. It’s doubtful, but Donny could somehow be a vote for Cody.

Caleb: When he was evicted, he was more angry at Derrick for betraying him. As a competition beast, he seems the most likely person to factor in who won the most competitions, and since Cody beat him several times, that could be the deciding factor.

As I see it, Caleb and maybe Donny are the only two potential votes for Cody, but even those seem unlikely. The eight members of the jury meet in the jury house before the finale with Dr. Will Kirby to debate everything, and I suspect Caleb will be swayed by everyone else.

At the end of the day (to quote Caleb), I feel confident that Derrick will become only the second person ever to receive a unanimous jury vote, and he will probably become the first person ever to reach the end without ever being nominated.

Big Brother 16 has been pushing the “Derrick is the new Dan” storyline quite hard and having him replicate Dan’s unanimous jury vote would only cement that. He would also win more money than anyone in the history of the game, scoring $575,000 if he wins with all of his Team America and Holla money.

Since everyone criticized last season’s winner, Andy Herren, as one of the worst winners ever, CBS seems eager to name Derrick one of the best winners ever. Whether he deserves that honor is a question for another day (and depends on how the finale goes), but for now, if I were Derrick’s wife, I’d start the paperwork for Tenley’s college fund right now.

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