Last week on Big Brother 15, Amanda took great joy in torturing Elissa as much as possible, getting into fights and taunting her mercilessly. Even this week, after GinaMarie won HoH, Amanda’s mission was to get Elissa on the block. But is it possible these two mortal enemies could work together?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

McCrae won the Power of Veto and saved himself. Spencer is the replacement nominee.

Amanda has realized that she can’t count on GinaMarie or Judd, so she decided to try and mend fences with Elissa to form a new alliance with her. And it seems to have worked.

Yes, on Monday afternoon Amanda made her pitch to Elissa and, after a diary room session, Elissa said she was 100 percent on board with the plan to keep Amanda. In theory, Elissa, McCrae and Andy would all vote to evict Spencer.

UPDATE: On Tuesday afternoon, Elissa and Amanda traded rings as collateral to prove Elissa really will vote to keep her. Shortly after it happened, Amanda and McCrae basked over how this means it’s real, and that Andy had better vote with them.
What they don’t know is that Andy is far more loyal to the Exterminators. He has already told GM, Judd and Spencer all about Elissa’s new plan, explaining that he’ll pretend to go along with it, but really he’ll vote to evict Amanda. Their plan is to have it be a 2-2 tie so GM, as HoH, evicts Amanda, and then Andy will have cover with McCrae by claiming that Elissa is the one who turned on them, not himself.

It’s all quite convoluted and maddening, especially since no one can really seem to understand why Elissa would ever, in a million years, team up with Amanda. Objectively, I suppose it makes a little bit of sense (if Amanda goes, Elissa suddenly becomes the biggest target), but Elissa has been so thoroughly incapable of forgiving people for meanness that I find it hard to swallow that she would willingly be in an alliance with Amanda.

The Exterminators (and myself) believe production may have something to do with it. First, Amanda told everyone that the people in the diary room told her not to roll over and die and that she should fight and campaign to stay, even though it’s quite pointless and has been all season.

Then Judd and others noticed that Elissa’s new plan to keep Amanda seemed to happen immediately after she left the diary room. In fact, they’ve noticed that she often leaves the diary room with a new plan or a changed mind about what she should do. They suspect that the diary room may be swaying her in one direction. I tend to believe this kind of conspiracy theory, although it helps that I think Elissa is susceptible to this kind of manipulation because she doesn’t actually care about the game as much as others.

I’ll be curious to see how Team Elissa supporters deal with this change of heart. If Elissa is genuinely going to vote to keep Amanda, will the Brenchel Army finally give up on her? Surely even her biggest fans can’t defend keeping Amanda after everything she’s done.

But this is Elissa we’re talking about, so I suspect she’ll change her mind a few more times before Thursday’s vote. It’s amusing because Elissa thinks she can flip the house, and Amanda now has hope, but the Exterminators really have all the power this week, making Elissa and McCranda pawns in their game.

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