The 14th and final Power of Veto competition of Big Brother 15 is over. It’s been a wild season for the PoV as it’s been used more times than ever before and won by more people than ever before. So what happened in the last one of the season?

Judd was evicted and Andy won the latest HoH, but the live feeds were blocked out until after Wednesday’s episode.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Andy nominated Spencer and McCrae (not that it really matters except that it brings Spencer up to eight nominations).

Andy won the Power of Veto!

Well, the rat turned on the turbo boosters at the end, winning another HoH/PoV combo. He’s telling McCrae that he hasn’t decided who to use it on yet, though it seems like he’s not actually going to use it and just let GM cast the deciding vote to send McCrae to the jury (just like she did to Amanda last week). Or he’ll save Spencer, but the outcome will be the same with Spencer evicit McCrae. Andy and Spencer have talked about wanting to tell McCrae about the Exterminators and that he’s going to be evicted, so that should be great, like when the Brigade came out to Britney.

So it looks like we’re looking at an all-Exterminator Final 3. At this point, even if you hate him, you have to give the edge to Andy. He played a better game than Spencer and GM, and he’s a nicer person. Sure, he’s said awful things about Elissa, but at least he hasn’t used the “N” word or made jokes about Hitler and child porn. Wow, the bar is set really low this season.


-Andy’s second PoV win gives him the Double-Double, meaning he’s won two HoHs and two PoVs in a single season. He’s only the 14th person to do this, with McCrae being the 13th last week.

-Andy has also won HoH and PoV in the same week twice. Season 14’s Danielle Murphree is the only other person who did it twice in a single season and, like Andy, one of those times was winning the Final 4 HoH and the last PoV.

-Andy is only the fourth person to win both the Final 4 HoH and the Final 4 PoV. The others were season 14’s Danielle Murphree, season 12’s Hayden Moss and season 9’s Ryan Quicksall.

-This is the fourth time this season an HoH has also won the PoV the same week, tying the record set last year.

-Assuming Andy doesn’t use it, this will only be the third time all season the PoV is not used. Coincidentally, two of those times involved Andy winning and not using it.

-In the history of the game, Andy is the first openly gay HG to win four competitions.

-GinaMarie is the only HG this season from the Top 8 who did not win the Power of Veto. In fact, there are only six previous players who finished in the Top 4 without ever winning a single PoV. Season 4’s Erika Landin, season 7’s Will Kirby and season 13’s Jordan Lloyd all finished in fourth, season 9’s Sheila Kennedy finished in third and season 11’s Natalie Martinez and season 12’s Lane Elenburg made it all the way to second. Since the PoV was introduced in season 3, no one has ever won the game without winning at least one Power of Veto competition.

-Despite the fact that women seemed to control the game and won the majority of the HoHS, this is the seventh season in a row where men won more PoV competitions than women. Men won eight while women only won six.

-GinaMarie is the biggest loser when it comes to the PoV, playing in eight competitions without winning. Second is Helen, who only played five times.

-Spencer played in more PoV competitions than anyone, 10 out of 14. GinaMarie and Elissa are second, playing in eight each.

-Jeremy had a perfect record in PoV competitions. Sure, he only played in one, but he won it. Nick and David are the only other HGs who only got to play in one PoV competition.

-This is the first time since season 3 that the Power of Veto was never won in back-to-back weeks by the same person.

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