The power is up for grabs on Big Brother 15. For the third time in six weeks, the HoH competition is a battle of endurance. Following Howard’s eviction on Thursday’s live show, 10 HGs began their quest to take power.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

The HGs are hanging onto a bull while spinning on barrels. They must stay on for as long as possible.

The first three HGs who fall get to open a mystery box, one of which contains $5,000.

This certainly seems like a competition where Spencer has no shot at all. Also, it probably requires a taller person, so McCrae and Jessie might be at a disadvantage. As shown on the live show, Elissa’s yoga flexibility could win the day.

All updates will be based on Big Brother 15 local time, which is PST.

7:05pm: The live feeds are back and everyone is still in it.

7:10pm: If you enjoy watching people walk and pant loudly, this is the competition for you!

7:13pm: McCrae is worried about falling, getting the money (he already has $5,000 from the election PoV) and lookking greedy.

7:14pm: The log stopped briefly. Everyone is still in. I know it’s a “barrel,” but I’m calling it a log.

7:17pm: Judd and McCrae are the most talkative. Everyone else is pretty much staying silent.

7:19pm: The paint is already starting to wear off on the log/barrels.

7:20pm: Judd and McCrae talk about whether they have cigarettes and a lighter to smoke after they fall. I get it, because that’s the same question I’d be asking while doing this.

7:21pm: The log has stopped again.

7:23pm: Now the log is spinning the other way. So they must walk backwards.

7:23pm: Spencer and Candice fall! Helen falls!

7:24pm: Amanda falls!

7:25pm: Elissa falls!

7:27pm: Well, that was a brutal few minutes. Obviously the log spinning the other way is much, much more difficult.

7:28pm: Judd and Andy fall!

7:29pm: I thought this was going to take a long time, but 40 minutes in and we’re down to McCrae, Jessie and GinaMarie. A GM win would be NUTS. I’m just rooting against McCrae now.

7:30pm: McCrae boasts about being a unicyclist from the land of lumberjacks.

7:35pm: So much for my theory about smaller people like McCrae and Jessie being at a disadvantage.

7:38pm: It seems the first three HGs to fall (Spencer, Candice and Helen) have opened their boxes. Spencer appears to have a megaphone and it seems he must always speak with it. That’s going to make game-talking very hard..

7:41pm: GinaMarie is promising McCrae, Amanda and Jessie safety. McCrae says he wants a honeymoon suite for him with Amanda. GM offers to rent it out a night for them.

7:46pm: McCrae, Jessie and GinaMarie are still in it.

7:48pm: Jessie falls!

7:49pm: McCrae and GinaMarie are both offering each other safety, but neither wants to fall. GM just wants to win something and I suspect McCrae is worried what a wildcard like GM would do. He clearly doesn’t really trust her as much as he says he does.

7:50pm: PRIZES! Spencer has to speak using a megaphone until the nomination ceremony. Candice won $5,000. Helen won a BBQ party for her and three other HGs.

7:51pm: One hour in and we’re down to two people. That’s a surefire sign of a poorly designed endurance competition. Or crappy competitors, but I don’t think that’s the case. I like endurance competitions that last a long, LOOOOOONG time.

: McCrae and GinaMarie have another round of “You’re safe”/”No, you’re safe” negotiations that go nowhere because neither wants to drop.

7:58pm: McCrae tells GinaMarie she won’t get blood on her hands if she drops. But she wants to win just for the sake of winning. And to get hair dye.

7:59pm: McCrae even offers GinaMarie the opportunity to pick BOTH of his nominees, but she refuses. He really, REALLY doesn’t want her to win, but she’s too stubborn to give in.

8pm: McCrae falls!

GinaMarie wins HoH!

I know she’s kind of awful, but I’m happy. She was so desperate just to win something to prove that she could. Clearly McCrae slipped and didn’t want to fall.

The problem is that it doesn’t change much. GM hates Candice and will definitely nominate her. She’ll probably do the easy thing and put Spencer up next to her, though there’s talk about using Jessie as a pawn since Amanda and McCrae don’t trust her and Judd anymore. I don’t think GM is strategic enough to make a big move.

Also, this means ANOTHER week of Aaryn thinking she’s on top of the world. But odds are she’ll be the MVP nominee anyway.

UPDATE: Helen has chosen Elissa and Aaryn for the BBQ party. She offered a spot to GinaMarie, but GM refused. The third spot will go to whoever can do the best GM impression, a contest to be held Friday at noon..

The most hilarious part is that GM is actually offering to let everyone sleep in her HoH bed because she’d rather sleep in the bed she shared with Nick. Ugh, it’s gonna be a long seven days of people pretending that GM’s obsession with Nick is cute instead of mocking her like usual. Things won’t get interesting until Thursday’s double eviction, and then I suspect they’ll get VERY interesting,

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