Happy Hump Day, everyone! Halfway to the weekend and right on time for another new episode of MasterChef! There are now only seven contestants left, competiting for the title of Masterchef.

After losing Bri last week, the competition is beginning to show its ugly side, kicking fan favorites from the lineup left and right. Which one will it be this week as the chefs go up against sushi?

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It’s been months since the Top 7 have seen familiar faces from home, so Gordon, Graham and Joe decide to give them what they’ve been missing. The mystery box raises to reveal some big surprises.

Inside are:

Natasha’s husband and son

Jordan’s dad

Jessie’s parents

Luca’s wife

Eddie’s girlfriend

James’ fiancee

and unfortunately, Krissi’s son couldn’t make it because of standardized testing, so he recorded a message for her.

Mystery Box Challenge: To cook something inspired by their families. The dish must remind the contestants of their loved ones.

Natasha’s green curry is a hit. Jessie’s seared duck breast is gorgeously presented. Luca’s pan seared halibut and risotto is the best marriage of his heritage and his wife’s favorite food. Which of these three gets to parade in victory in front of their family?

Winner: Luca

After saying goodbye to his wife, Luca runs off to the pantry with the judges. 

Elimination Test

As a member of the Final 6, Luca has no say in what his competition cooks. Joe, Gordon and Graham have already chosen sushi. Yeah, sushi. Luca will be choosing who will be cooking with whom! There will be three teams of two. Oh, and they’ll be playing tag in increments of 15 minutes.

Here are the teams and my descriptive titles: 

James and Jordan aka Team Ego

Natasha and Krissi aka Team I Don’t Like You But We’re Not Going Home

Jessie and Eddie aka Team What??

So far Team Ego has made the worst mistake in sushi, according to Chef Ramsay. “Never rinse sea urchin,” he cries. No one else seems to be doing that much better. It’s obvious that Natasha has a deep desire to win, taking command and leading her team, but will that keep her safe? It’s nice to not hear Krissi’s rude mouth for once, though. For each team, it will definitely come down to the wire.

They are FLYING back and forth, scurrying this way and that over the burners, grabbing spices, looking for hidden utensils. Not one team looks secure as the final switch is counting down. Everyone’s in a frenzy and then it’s done. Some components will definitely be left off of these sushi platters. No doubt about that.

Time to judge.

Natasha and Krissi may have proven Luca very, VERY wrong. The plate looks good.

James and Jordan should be embarrassed, but instead they laugh when they cannot even remember to salt their food or fully cook shrimp.

Jessie and Eddie may not be as horribly upsetting as James and Jordan, but they’re running a close second. 

So, Natasha and Krissi are obviously, and surprisingly for Luca, safe. Next, James and Jordan! Confused? Yeah, so am I, but apparently they somehow showed technique. Now who goes home? Jessie or Eddie.

Eliminated: Eddie

Gordon asks Eddie who he believes will win this season of MasterChef. “I think this person has a lot of heart and is starting to show it, he says,”… Natasha.” Agree?

Next week on MasterChef, Bri, Lynn and Bime return! Tune in to see which of these fallen contestants will earn their way back into the competition!

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Jilliane Johnson

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