Time for another round of acts to get sent home, while a lucky few get passed on to the semi-finals. The evening will feature a performance by Robin Thicke, along with a great deal of time dedicated to Snapple and Orville Redenbacher, no doubt.

Our live blog starts now:

It’s kind of funny, looking at this opening recap, the really great acts were pretty few and far between. I guess that ups the suspense? I mean, somebody’s got to make it through.

Apparently the internet wants to know why Howard was so cranky last night; I’d like to know what medication the internet is on that they disagree with him.

So then we have the popcorn lounge, a Smurfs segment, and the Snapple room or something, because I guess the producers really want me to kill myself before the show ends.

Now we have a performance from Robin Thicke–or Robin #Thicke, as I believe its legally spelled–here to sing “Blurred Lines” again. I could use a little more cowbell personally, but maybe that’s just me.

The next segment involves Howie putting on a wig a messing around with tourists. Moderate humor ensues. At last, we have some results:


Struck Boyz



Innovative Force

I’ve gotta say, I’m not gonna miss the Struck Boyz–the Aquanuts are good at what they do, but they were always more of a niche group.


Kid the Whiz

Dave Shirley

Brad Byers

Another clean sweep–popular move this season.

Brad Paisley is on hand after that to sing his Country single “I Can’t Change the World,” a rather nihilistic point of view that’s immediately justified by the ensuing integrated Smurfs 2 commercial.


Alexandr Magala

Ciana Pelekai


Marty Brown

Pretty surprising result, as he was definitely pretty terrible last night. We then have our last regular round of results.



That leaves Tone and Angela in the bottom two, with the judges choosing the semi-finalist. It’s a tough call; I don’t dislike either contestant, but they’re an unapologetic gimmick and a lackluster comedian no matter how you slice it.

Heidi chooses Tone the Chiefrocka

Mel chooses Angela

Howie chooses Tone the Chiefrocka

Howard chooses Angela

Once again, the judges’ comments don’t make any difference. The voters choose:

Angel is the last semi-finalist.

That’s pretty much the only sane result. Tone was a whole lot of fun, but I’d hate to see their only joke killed by belaboring it ad nausium. 

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Ted Kindig

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV