We’re almost one week away from the start of Big Brother 15 and thus far we’ve had very little information. But now things are finally starting to come out about what the big twist may be.

Big Brother 15 premieres Wednesday, June 26 at 8pm on CBS (with additional episodes to follow Sundays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 9pm, plus nightly Big Brother: After Dark live feeds for two hours starting at midnight on TV Guide Network).

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains potential Big Brother 15 spoilers.

First up, CBS has a brand new promo touting a twist so big “We’ll need your help to pull it off.” It suggests that we’ll impact the game like never before, which could be interesting.

We’ve had America’s Player, where we got to choose what one houseguest would do, including their eviction votes. And we’ve voted to give out Coup d’Etats for extra power. So what could be bigger?

In addition to these claims, the clip also has a look at Julie Chen on the set at the front of the house, and it looks kind of futuristic, like it’s on an alien spaceship. Of course that could be totally meaningless, but it still looks cool.

A bigger spoiler about Big Brother 15, however, came from someone on Twitter who apparently attended a taping of The Talk where they chatted about the new season. According to @moviedude18, there will be 16 houseguests and each week America will get to vote for a Power Player, and that person will have some mysterious extra power that impacts the game.

If this is true, what could it be? Would they get to cast two votes instead of one? Could they be given a last-minute Power of Veto to be used right before the eviction vote? Changing the nominations at the last possible minute could definitely cause some chaos and some much needed excitement on the live shows, since people who follow the show online always know exactly how the vote will come down before the actual show.

My hope, however, would be that they would put limits on the Power Player. For instance, maybe an HG can only be the Power Player once. Otherwise it could be an annoying situation where one person becomes the favorite and is voted the Power Player every single week, which would get really annoying.

Whatever the case, while I appreciate a little “Expect the Unexpected” thrown into Big Brother every year, most die-hard fans would agree that TOO MUCH outside influence starts to ruin the game. The first season of Big Brother Canada suffered because they repeatedly added ridiculous twists like Canada voting to save one of the nominees, and the result was that useless, worthless HGs got to stay while true game-players who were willing to make interesting moves got eliminated.

Whatever the twist, no matter how much I hate it (see: Rachel coming back), a new season of Big Brother is always exciting. For me, it’s the ultimate summer experience, a show I invest in 110 percent. So bring on the Power Players, alien living rooms  and 16 new houseguests. I’m ready for Big Brother 15.

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