Brandon’s tears were flowing in the last episode of The Bachelorette. Brian leaving forced feelings of his own abandonment during his childhood and those feelings were further reinforced when Desiree let him go.

Although his time was brief, he seemed like a sweet and genuine guy — just couldn’t get that one-on-one date or really make himself stand out among all the other men. Brandon shared his thoughts on the season in a conference call with the media. Check out what he had to say.

On Leaving the Show:

Brandon had gone for it and kissed Desiree — and then was let go. Looking back, he said he could’ve misread her signs because not only does the show make you rush into everything in a way, he was also caught up with what that had happened with Brian and the emotions that were stirred up from him being forced out.

But in the end, he appreciated being let go when he did.

“She respected me enough to say, ‘This isn’t going anywhere.’ You can’t force love. It’s just something that you can’t do. It’s got to be at least a little bit of a natural feeling,” Brandon said. 

Brandon said it was overwhelming to watch the episode and see what happened that night because it had been so unexpected.

“What a dramatic exit. It was unfortunate I had to get let go at that point. Watching it was surreal,” he said.

On His Emotions:

Brandon said he had no problem with showing his emotional side on television, to show others that there are men out there like him. He doesn’t have regrets with perhaps being vocal about his feelings and emotional childhood so soon because he didn’t want to leave the show without getting a chance to say those things.

“Yes, maybe it was a little too soon– a little bit too much, but in the situation that I was in, it seemed right,” he said. 

Since he’s been on the show, Brandon said he’s been receiving an outpouring of positive feedback from kids and people telling him thank you and letting him know he’s been an inspiration. He’s also been receiving a ton of emails, texts and messages from people he knows and people who he’s lost touch with reach out to him with their support.

On Ben and His True Intentions:

Brandon described the house as a place with a pleasant atmosphere — with Ben there to create drama with his lie about seeing Desiree. Viewers haven’t yet seen whether Ben has an ulterior motive other than to pimp out his son at any moment. Brandon brought up how Ben seemed to always be “pitching” something, whether it was a restaurant or something else to do once the show ended.

“He just wanted to be the dramatic guy on the show,” Brandon said. “Maybe that’s just him … or he was just putting on a facade on television, I don’t know on a personal, off-camera level. 

“People know when they can sense someone is not there for the right reasons. I’m not sure what reasons he was there for.”

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On Who Has A Chance With Desiree:

Brandon said he connected with Brooks and Michael from the start and are rooting for them. But he went on further to say there’s something between Brooks and Desiree.

“Every time I would see Des look at Brooks, you could just tell. It was one of those things where you’re just like, ‘She really likes him,’ and you can tell he definitely likes her from the conversations that we had.” 

On the Possibility of Being the Next The Bachelor

Brandon said he’s single and living in California. If he were to get asked to be the next Bachelor, he said he’d want to talk about it with his friends and family.

“If that opportunity were to present itself I would really, absolutely consider it,” he said.

What do you think? Were you sad to see Brandon go? Would he be a good candidate for The Bachelor?

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Esther Gim

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