Oh, how time flies when you’re standing in a chaotic kitchen with flames sprouting from the burners in front of you, making sweat drip from every pore and Chef Gordon Ramsay’s voice rings continuously in your head. Yes! There are only six contestants left on Hell’s Kitchen tonight, but not for long.

Lamb seems to be the weapon of choice as both teams tackle the rack for the perfect service.

“The Red Team has NO chance of winning anything from here on out,” announces an enthusiastic Zach. Looks like Cyndi of the newly thinned-out Red Team is feeling regret of giving up Ja’Nel.

Chef Jon and Chef Owen join Chef Ramsay in the dining room, but they’re not your average chefs. As Ramsay stands between them, Jon and Owen juggle knives and fire-lit torches. MADE YOU LOOK! They’re not chefs. Ramsay just wanted to show the cheftestants how to work together as a team. Pretty extreme way of doing things, right?

The last challenge of the season involves a tag team of events.

Communication Relay Challenge: One by one, each member of the teams will work in relay formation in five minute increments with only 15 seconds in between in order to communicate to the next player what’s left to be done. In the end, both teams must present three dishes, rack of lamb, halibut and roasted chicken.

First up is lamb, and neither of the dishes are cooked properly. As for the chicken, the Red Team doesn’t have anything to show for it. Luckily for the Blue Team, Zach cooked a perfect chicken. The halibut could be the saving grace for the Red Team, but alas, it’s horrible. 

Winner: Blue Team

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Zach, Jon and Ja’Nell will enjoy a private tour of Los Angeles from their own helicopter. The Red Team will prep potatoes and onions for the LA Mission before preparing BOTH kitchens for dinner service.

While the Blue Team enjoys the sights of Hollywood and caviar at a swanky upscale ranch, Cyndi is having an asthma attack. Her health could be what may hold the Red Team back from clenching the much coveted black jackets.

Black Jackets on the Horizon Dinner Service

As Jon and Ja’Nell suspected, Zach holds everyone back on the meat station. Yet the clueless look on Cyndi’s face explains her actions in the Red kitchen. While a pan full of overcooked lamb is found at Zach’s station, Cyndi has evoked a new reaction from Chef Ramsay. Her lobster heads have been overcooked TWICE! The second time is too many times and Ramsay chucks the poor fish at the wall. AMAZING! He then instructs Susan to pick it up. They have to keep the kitchen tidy, right?

Cyndi soon takes the back burner in the Red kitchen, holding her own from here on out. It’s now Mary’s turn to put forth lamb after lamb of perfection during entrees. Can she bounce back from her failed little lamb in the previous challenge? It’s a tough one, but ultimately the Red Team finishes dinner service first. Zach pulls up the rear for the Blue Team closing up the night.

Surprisingly, both teams come out of service victorious.

Chef Ramsay only has four black jackets and, if you have been keeping up, there are six cheftestants left. Each team must select two of their members to put up for elimination. Cyndi of the Red Team and Zach of the Blue Team are nominated.

Eliminated: Zach

That was all too obvious.

Next week on Hell’s Kitchen, the final five will soon become the final four as Ramsay only hands out four black jackets. Will Jon survive what looks to be sabotage brought on by the women or will their plan backfire? Tune in to FOX to find out!

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