We’re one week away from the Big Brother 15 finale, and the game is going into overdrive. Tonight we’ll see the Final 5 compete for the Power of Veto, the veto ceremony and the eviction. Then we’ll watch the next HoH competition, all leading to tomorrow night with the final PoV and another eviction.

So far this week, Spencer has won HoH and nominated McCrae and GinaMarie. Tonight’s “live” episode was taped yesterday, but since the feeds have been off since then, we don’t actually know what happened (though some rumors are swirling around that will make musophobes like Professor Henry Jones quite unhappy).

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 15 live blog!

Here we go, and FYI, the source for the rumored spoilers mentioned Julie’s teal dress and side pony, so I’m pretty confident that the rumors were true.

Nomination Fallout

McCrae calls himself the underdog now that Amanda is gone. Even when she was there, he was usually found under a dog. ZING! GinaMarie pretends to be sad, but she lays it on a bit too thick.

The male Exterminators talk about what to do if McCrae wins the PoV, and Spencer tells Judd he’d go up, but GM would go home. This makes Judd’s Spidey Senses start to tingle.

The show needs some filler, so we watch Judd do 75 sit-ups before finishing his Drill Sergeant duties. Elsewhere, McCrae is still attached to GM, who enjoys talking about poop and being on her period before they’re separated.

With McCrae unattached to GM, Spencer and Andy try to make him feel comfortable by promising him that he’s safe, just in case he wins the PoV. Their Final 3 deal is totally fake.

The Power of Veto Competition

Big Brother 14 winner Ian Terry shows up to host a superhero puzzle competition where they must go back and forth in the air while magnetizing their boards. Meh, I thought he deserved to win and played a great game, but I don’t think he’s charismatic enough to host something. Frank Eudy would’ve been a much better choice.

I don’t know what’s more disturbing, Spencer in a spandex superhero costume or GM thinking that Ian is hot.

Judd gets frustrated very easily and just quits in the middle, upsetting Spencer. Judd then tries to help out Andy, but it doesn’t work and McCrae wins the Power of Veto. When it’s over, GM needs stitches because she banged up her leg. Also, Judd complained a lot on the live feeds about how Ian was cheering for McCrae during the competition, but we didn’t see or hear any of that. In fact, Ian did absolutely nothing and was instantly forgettable.

The Replacement Nominee

After McCrae wins the PoV, it’s time for the Exterminators to turn on each other. It’s not as dramatic as Julie Chen makes us think, because Spencer is fine with getting rid of Judd because he quit during the competition. Spencer lies to Judd, saying he’s safe, and Judd sees through it and goes a little nuts. Well, a lot nuts. It’s ugly and makes me like Judd a lot less.

During the PoV ceremony, McCrae saves himself and Spencer nominates Judd. Before it’s over, Judd stops the ceremony to get something off his chest. He calls out McCrae and rants about how he hates McCrae and wants to get him out. All McCrae can say is “Wowsers.” The whole thing doesn’t really make any sense to anyone. Is Judd the new Howard?

America’s Favorite

It’s time to vote for America’s Favorite. Personally, I’d choose Nick, but there’s no point in wasting my time or money because we all know Elissa is going to win. The Brenchel Army will be sure to make it happen, just like they made sure she won the MVP for the first three weeks. Andy and others on the live feeds have pleaded with America not to choose Elissa because she sucks so much (which she does). But like I said, it doesn’t matter. Elissa is going to win. Elissa was always going to win. Even if Elissa was the first HG evicted, she would’ve won. Sigh.

The Eviction

GM’s speech is about how she’s not perfect, but she always tries her best. Judd says that Andy and Spencer would definitely be in the Final 3 if they keep him and that he’s going after McCrae, but would still appreciate his vote.

Andy votes to evict…Judd
McCrae votes to evict…Judd

Judd is evicted 2-0!

This is the seventh unanimous vote of the season, tying the record set in season 12. It also marks the 11th time Andy has cast a vote and the 11th time he has voted with the house.

As Judd leaves, he tells everyone that he’s voting for Spencer or Andy at the end. But he tells Julie that it was reverse psychology so everyone will target them. Judd oddly says he’s rooting for GM to win because she was underestimated and is loyal and a strong competitor.

Judd has no regrets about turning on Elissa because “her mind changes every five minutes” and it’s hard to work with her. Well, that’s the most polite form of Elissa-bashing we’ve heard all season.

Goodbye Messages: The Exterminators are apologetic and McCrae says he only voted Judd out because it’s what Andy and Spencer wanted and he had to go with the house. Wow, McCrae was so p-whipped by Amanda that now everything he does is weak and pathetic. Andy cries and Judd laughs at him.

Judd is upbeat about his eviction, and just hopes all those women in the jury house don’t scratch his eyes out.

The HoH Competition

It’s a Before and After quiz, and whoever gets the most correct out of seven wins. With only McCrae, GM and Andy competing, the pressure is on.

Question 1: Everyone is right.
Question 2: GM gets it right.
Question 3: Everyone is right.
Question 4: Everyone is right.
Question 5: Everyone is right.
Question 6: McCrae is right.
Question 7: Andy is right.

Wow, Andy makes it a three-way tie at the end.

Tie-Breaker: How many seconds was the Super Veto Competition?

McCrae: 2,610
GM: 1,800
Andy: 414

Correct Answer: 884

Andy is the new HoH!

That’s kind of embarrassing how far off McCrae and GM were. It only took about 15 minutes to win it, but he thought it was 33 minutes?

But kudos to Andy. He’s only the third openly gay HG to win two HoHs in a single season (season 3’s Marcellas Reynolds and season 6’s Ivette Corredero are the others) and he’s only the third openly gay HG to make it to the Final 3 (Ivette was the runner-up and season 11’s Kevin Campbell finished third).

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