After Nick was evicted from Big Brother 15, the Moving Company was officially dead. The all-guy alliance came crumbling down and now all that’s left is to do a post mortum, which McCrae did late Thursday night.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

At 1:30am, McCrae finally told his showmance Amanda about the secret alliance he was in with Nick, Jeremy, Howard and Spencer. The confession came long after he’d decided to flip, and the way he tells it, he was never actually committed to them. He was just using them for information, waiting for a time to strike and stick with Amanda and the Team Elissa Alliance.

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McCrae told her all about how Jeremy, Spencer and Howard were bullying him into getting rid of her and how that made him see that he couldn’t trust them. He also became wary because Howard and Jeremy had been talking about how there’s definitely NOT an all-guys alliance this week, which just needlessly raised suspicions. He had enough, claiming Spencer and Howard have the worst gameplay in the house and he didn’t want to be aligned with them.

Amanda was understandably shocked, especially since she’s been going around saying how there’s absolutely no boys’ alliance because McCrae would be in it and she would’ve known. However, his decision to come clean now, after the vote, is a smart preemptive strike to prove his loyalty and expose Spencer, Howard and Jeremy as liars.

McCrae added that it was “the shittiest alliance ever” and he frequently called it a lame Brigade knock-off in the diary room. However, he did admit that he felt bad for Nick because he was the only guy in the alliance who was actually good (except for making terrible decisions in creating the team with two paranoid guys and a total moron). See, I’m not alone in thinking Nick had potential to be a good player!

They debated whether they should tell the other members of the Team Elissa Alliance, and that’s when Andy walked in. By the way, if you don’t watch the live feeds, you can guarantee that if you wait five minutes, Andy will randomly walk into a room to break up the conversation. It’s like there are 20 of him in the house constantly running from one place to another to gather information and spread it around to Helen, Judd or Amanda and McCrae, all three of whom he trusts the most.

McCrae called him over and then confessed to Andy about the Moving Company. Andy was hilariously shocked as well. McCrae added that Nick was the architect of the group and that’s why he was called to the diary room so frequently. I assume all of this will make it onto Sunday’s episode, because it’ll make for a fun segment.

McCrae also went on to explain the convoluted vote from week 1 and how Nick orchestrated David’s eviction and the plan to divide the house into two sides. Amanda actually found the plot to divide the house impressively complex. Finally, he revealed that Nick said he would have no problem getting rid of GinaMarie and didn’t care about her, and that Jeremy said the same thing about Kaitlin. This made them all feel bad for GinaMarie, who spent many, many hours sobbing uncontrollably Thursday night over Nick’s eviction.

The trio then added Judd to the mix and told him all about it. That’s when McCrae explained that Judd flipping Jessie to the Team Elissa Alliance was the key to this week’s eviction of Nick. If Jessie stayed with Aaryn and Jeremy’s side, none of this would’ve worked out. So I guess Julie Chen was right, Nick would’ve stayed in the game if he just kissed Jessie instead of totally ignoring her.

Now they have the weapons to make sure Howard and Spencer join Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie on the Island of Misfit Toys who will be the next six HGs to go home. After that, Elissa, Jessie and Candice are expendable.

They’re quite confident that they can steamroll the entire house, along with the help of Helen. And to be honest, they probably can. The funniest part is that this entire alliance is built around Elissa’s MVP power, and yet in every conversation I hear, no one actually includes her in any final 5 plans. She truly is viewed as expendable by everyone in the Team Elissa Alliance and I’m not even sure she wants to win or make jury.

I could easily see her volunteering to be evicted in 10th place so she can go home and be with her family (assuming it’s still a jury of seven and not nine as some rumors suggest). Of course, if that happens, everything I said about her being a terrible player will be validated.

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